This category is for sites emanating from and relating to the United Kingdom, in English, on the topic of Self Injury. Nations included are England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. Self Injury can go by many names, such as:
  • Cutting
  • Self Injurious Behavior
  • Deliberate Self Harm
  • Self Inflicted Violence
  • Repetitive Self-Harm Syndrome
The UK has one of the highest rates of self-injury in Europe. Self Injury is far more widespread than is generally realised, especially in adolescents under stress. It also seems to be more common among women, partly because men are more likely to express strong feelings, such as anger, outwardly. However, people from all walks of life self-injure and, unfortunately, the true extent of the disorder is unknown. Research shows that where it is acceptable to talk about, many women, as well as some men, reveal that they have self-injured at some time. Diana, Princess of Wales, in an interview on the BBC in 1995, gave the disorder a face for the general public. Sites included in this category, and its sub-categories, are potentially triggering.

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Awareness organisation. Includes general information and event schedule. Provides directory and forum.
The Guardian - Sense of Failure: the Scale of Teenage Self-harm
Information and results from a survey of British teenagers, conducted by The Priory.
h2g2 - Self Injury
Article discussing what it is and is not, as well as ways to help one's self and others.
National Self Harm Network
Survivor-led charitable support group. Includes forum and list of additional resources, with links.
Self Injury UK
Support and advice group. Requires registration.
A website run and owned by Penn Wooding a C5/6 tetraplegic. See how Penn copes with living with a spinal cord injury, read personal stories and related information.
Understanding Self-Harm
Provides information on helping oneself and others, in addition to motivations and who does it.
Understanding Self-harm
Booklet providing information on the condition. Includes list of references, organisations, and additional reading.
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