Autism is a lifelong condition that was first identified as a new syndrome in 1943. Early theories of its cause and diagnostic systems focused on an emotional abnormality. Evidence now suggests that autism is due to physical dysfunction within the brain, which leads to a difference in development, not just a delay. Key features that characterise autism have been identified as the ‘triad of impairments’. These affect social interaction, social communication and imagination. The manifestations of each impairment vary according to the general level of cognitive ability and the existence of any additional problems. This results in a continuum of need, or a range of conditions called the ‘autistic spectrum disorders’.

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Autism and Computing
A collection of articles exploring the implications of a dynamic model of mind for aspects of the autistic condition. Includes suggestions of helpful approaches.
Autistic Spectrum Disorders
Article from the British Medical Journal examining studies into the prevalence of autism. Includes references to works cited.
Awares (All Wales Autism Resource)
A directory of information resources, both online and offline, in Wales and worldwide: includes news, details of seminars. (Cymraeg and English)
BUPA: Autistic spectrum disorders
Information factsheet providing guidance to disorder treatments and symptoms. Available to download in PDF format.
Parents for the Early intervention of Autism in CHildren
Parent-led charity that promotes Early Intensive Behavioural Intervention (EIBI) for young children with autism.
Public Awareness Autism
An information site by parents of a child diagnosed with autism. Includes information and news on autism and related disorders, with advice and guidance on education, interventions, benefit entitlements, and a section of parents' stories.
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