Websites of British Embassies around the world.

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Albania - Tirana
With sections on military relations between Albania and the United Kingdom, trade and investment, and consular matters.
Algeria - Algiers
With sections on visas and on consular services.
Argentina - Buenos Aires
British Embassy provides commercial, consular and visa services with additional information about cultural and educational relations.
Armenia - Yerevan
British Embassy in Yerevan, with comment on the UK policy of support for Armenia's programme of democratic reforms and aspirations to join the European Union.
Australia - Canberra
Providing information about the British Defence Liaison Staff attached to the High Commission, and on passports, visas, how to contact, trade promotion, and news from the United Kingdom.
Austria - Vienna
British Embassy Vienna, with sections for the UK Mission to the United Nations in Vienna and the UK Delegation to the OSCE. Has information on the Embassy, its trade, consular and press services, and an archive of information on Britain.
Azerbaijan - Baku
Provides information about the embassy, Britain, and background information on Azerbaijan.
Provides news on British-Bahraini relations and commercial, visa and consular services.
Bangladesh - Dhaka
British High Commission, with information on Bangladesh travel advice, worldwide travel advice, Dual Nationals, consular matters and forced marriages.
Barbados - Bridgetown
British High Commission with travel and general information, trade and government policies, contact information, and links to British Government and information sites.
Belarus - Minsk
Contact information and office hours for the British Embassy in Minsk.
Belgium - Brussels
Provides information about the United Kingdom and the activities of the Embassy.
Belize - Belmopan
With a welcome message from the High Commissioner, and his CV.
Botswana - Gaborone
With contact details, opening hours, and a map showing the location of the British High Commission in Gaborone, Botswana.
Brazil - Brasilia
Highlights key information about the United Kingdom, and provides news and links to UK Government sites and other organisations.
Bulgaria - Sofia
Basic information about the Embassy, plus links to related external websites. In English and Bulgarian.
Cameroon, Chad, CAR, Equatorial Guinea and Gabon
British High Commission located in Yaounde, Cameroon, though accredited to Cameroon, Chad, the Central African Republic, Equatorial Guinea and Gabon. Provides information on consular services, visas, and on British commerce and trade with Cameroon.
China, People's Republic - Beijing
Provides visa, commercial and consular services as well as a range of information about Britain in China and UK-Chinese relations.
Costa Rica - San José
Includes contact details, opening hours, and a summary of commercial services.
Croatia - Zagreb
British Embassy Zagreb, with information on consular services for British citizens and visas, about doing business with the UK, and services for UK companies.
Cuba - Havana
British Embassy in Havana, Cuba. Provides information on commercial, visa and consular services, as well as on bilateral relations. News, Press Releases and Events also included.
Cyprus - Nicosia
Information on the High Commission and its activities, including details of visa, commercial and consular services.
Czech Republic - Prague
Details of visa, commercial and consular services provided by the Embassy plus information on UK-Czech bilateral cooperation.
Denmark - Copenhagen
Visa, commercial and consular services, and information for British expatriates living in Denmark and background information on Britain. In English and Danish.
Ecuador - Quito
Information about visa, commercial and consular services plus details of UK-Ecuadorean commercial relations and bilateral cooperation.
Egypt - Cairo
Provides visa, commercial and consular services, also providing information on UK-Egyptian relations.
Estonia - Tallinn
Provides a range of information on commercial, defence, political, cultural activities, plus visa, consular and commercial services offered by the Embassy. [English, Estonian and Russian]
Fiji, Micronesia, Kiribati, Marshall Islands, Tuvalu, and Tonga
Located in Suva, Fiji. Accredited to the Fiji Islands, the Federated States of Micronesia, Kiribati, Republic of Marshall Islands, Tonga and Tuvalu. Also has contact information for the British posts in Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, Tonga, and New Caledonia.
Finland - Helsinki
Details of visa, commercial and consular services provided by the Embassy, plus a range of information on the UK including news, events and trading matters.
France - Paris
Visa, commercial and consular services, with a range of information on UK-French relations, trading links and the UK itself. [English and French]
Gambia - Banjul
The British High Commission in Banjul. Includes some trade statistics.
Georgia - Tbilisi
Her Majesty's Embassy to Georgia, with consular, commerce, and defence sections, the last covering the whole of the Transcaucasus including Armenia and Azerbaijan as well as Georgia.
Germany - Berlin
Provides information about Embassy activities and bilateral relations between Britain and Germany plus a range of visa, commercial and consular services. In English and German.
Ghana - Accra
With information on the tasks of the UK's defence diplomacy in Ghana.
Greece - Athens
Provides information on the services of the Embassy plus an introduction to Britain. In English and Greek.
Hungary - Budapest
Visa, commercial and consular services, and information about Britain's relationship with Hungary, including support for EU enlargement. In English and Hungarian.
Iceland - Reykjavík
British Embassy in Reykjavík. Includes information for UK companies on doing business in Iceland, and for Icelandic companies on doing business in the UK, as well as on UK-Iceland relations.
India - New Delhi
Information about visa, commercial and consular services provided by the High Commission plus news and business information about Britain.
Ireland - Dublin
Provides a range of practical information about Britain, the British government and the services provided by the Embassy.
Israel - Tel Aviv
News and updates on UK-Israel relations, information on political, commercial and other events, plus a large database on Britain and related links.
Italy - Rome
Includes travel advice, how to apply for a passport, and information on the registration of births, marriages and deaths. In English and Italian.
Japan - Tokyo
Includes site with a range of information on Embassy services, news from the UK and details of UK-Japanese cultural and economic links.
Jordan - Amman
Provides consular services, news, and information about British business and trade in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.
Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan
Accredited to Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, though located in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Includes a detailed history of diplomatic relations since January 1992.
Kenya - Nairobi
Information on High Commission services and UK-Kenyan cooperation.
Kosovo - Pristina
Official website for the British Embassy in Kosovo. Projects and consular information.
British Embassy in Kuwait, providing information on visa, consular and commercial services, and also including news and travel information.
Latvia - Riga
Provides visa, commercial and consular services, and details of UK-Latvian bilateral relations and cooperation.
Lebanon - Beirut
Information on visas, consular matters, commercial, press and other services offered by the British Embassy to Lebanon, plus links to a range of other sites offering information about Britain.
Lithuania - Vilnius
Provides a range of information about the Embassy, consular services, commercial services, the Know How programme, press and public affairs.
British Embassy Luxembourg. Includes information on UK trade with Luxembourg.
Macedonia - Skopje
With contact details, opening hours, and a message from the ambassador.
Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur
Provides information on consular, visa and trade services, with additional information on investment and scholarships.
Malta - Valletta
British High Commission in Malta. Includes information on changes in the Pet Travel Scheme.
Mexico - Mexico City
Travel information and contact details for the British Embassy.
Moldova - Chisinau
British Embassy in Chisinau, including a list of local lawyers.
Montenegro - Podgorica
The British Embassy in Podgorica, responsible for services from advising British travellers to issuing visas, promoting trade and investment opportunities, and diplomatic relations between the UK and Montenegro.
Morocco - Rabat
Also accredited to Mauritania. Has basic information about Embassy services and activities, the relationship between Britain and Morocco and trading links. In English, French and Arabic.
Namibia - Windhoek
Has contact details for the High Commission, a map, and opening hours.
NATO - Brussels
The UK Delegation to NATO, staffed by personnel from both the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the Ministry of Defence, and co-located with the UK's Military Representative. Includes some policy statements on the UK and NATO.
Nepal - Kathmandu
Includes information on British Gurkhas Nepal, the organisation tasked with supporting the 3500 Gurkhas serving in the British Army.
Netherlands - The Hague
Provides information about moving to the UK, taking a pet to Britain, visas and passports trade, and free publications about the UK which can be ordered online.
New Zealand - Wellington
British High Commission, providing up to date travel information, and links to a range of useful websites.
Norway - Oslo
Details of Embassy services and general information about Britain and the Embassy. [English, Norwegian]
Oman - Muscat
British Embassy in Muscat, with information on the Anglo-Omani Society.
Pakistan - Islamabad
Includes a long section on forced marriages: how to avoid them, and what to do if one is or suspects that one will be so coerced.
Palestinian Authority - Jerusalem
The Consulate-General handles relations between the UK and the Palestinian Authority, including efforts to assist the peace process. With consular information.
Papua New Guinea - Port Moresby
The British High Commission in Port Moresby, with a welcome message from the British High Commissioner, and contact information and office hours.
Peru - Lima
British Embassy in Lima, with information on visas, commercial and consular affairs, and tourism. In English and Spanish.
Philippines - Manila
With information for nurses looking for jobs in the UK.
Poland - Warsaw
Includes a detailed section on UK-Polish defence cooperation.
Romania - Bucharest
With a section on prominent Romanian footballers in the UK.
Located in Kigali, Rwanda. Includes sections on visas, consular and commercial affairs, and travel in Rwanda.
Saudi Arabia - Riyadh
Consular, visa and commercial services information, with a directory of Embassy facilities.
Information about services provided by the High Commission plus travel and tourist information about the UK.
Slovakia - Bratislava
Describes Embassy services, information on forthcoming events and advice for visitors to Slovakia. In English and Slovak.
Slovenia - Ljubljana
With information on UK-Slovanian relations, Embassy services and links to a variety of related sites.
South Africa - Johannesburg
British Information Services, part of the British High Commission in South Africa. Provides visa, passport and tourist information.
Spain and Andorra
Located in Madrid, though accredited to both Spain and Andorra. Has details of visa, commercial and consular services offered by the Embassy plus a range of information on Britain. [English, Spanish]
Sri Lanka - Colombo
Also accredited to the Republic of the Maldives. With opening hours, contact details, and information about the Bilateral Development Programme in Sri Lanka.
Sudan - Khartoum
Includes guidelines for applicants for Sudan Peace Building Funds, and information about the British Embassy Small Grant Scheme.
Sweden - Stockholm
Information on consular and visa services and trade links.
Accredited to Switzerland located in Berne. Describes the services offered by the Embassy, commercial and travel advice, and information on the British Government and life in Britain.
Taiwan (Republic of China) - Taipei
British Trade and Cultural Office, which serves as the de facto embassy. Providing British commercial and cultural offices in Taiwan including trade, visa, consular and news services.
Tajikistan - Dushanbe
Includes a map of the location, opening hours, and a list of embassy holidays.
Thailand - Bangkok
Consular details, general information about visas, and useful advice for visitors who want to go to Thailand. In English and Thai.
Trinidad and Tobago - Port of Spain
With information on visas, trade with the UK, passports and other consular services, and travel advice.
Tunisia - Tunis
Provides consular, commercial, visa and news services with links to related websites. In English and French.
Turkey - Ankara
Offers consular, visa, commercial and news services with a variety of additional information for visitors to Turkey or Britain.
Turkmenistan - Ashgabat
Describes the activities of the Embassy and the services it offers, with additional background information about Britain and Turkmenistan.
Ukraine - Kyiv
Offers visa, consular and commercial services as well as information on the Embassy's activities and links to other UK government websites.
United Arab Emirates - Abu Dhabi and Dubai
With a country profile of the UAE, and some background history of the British Embassies in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.
United Nations - New York
United Kingdom Mission to the United Nations. Includes a CV of the Permanent Representative.
United States - Washington D.C.
Includes site providing commercial and customer services, plus information on Britain for US residents, daily news, Government statements, radio reports and information on topics such as marriage, studying or working in Britain.
Uruguay - Montevideo
Details of services provided by the British Embassy in Montevideo, with accompanying information on many aspects of Britain. In English and Spanish.
Uzbekistan - Tashkent
Provides information on Embassy services with news and links to other websites of interest.
Vatican City (Holy See)
British Embassy to the Holy See, representing Her Majesty to His Holiness the Pope, with contact details, news and information about the Pope and the Vatican.
Venezuela - Caracas
Consular and visa services, advice on doing business in Venezuela, news and background information on UK-Venezuelan cooperation. In English and Spanish.
Vietnam - Hanoi
Offers commercial, visa and consular services, along with key facts and figures, news and links to related websites. In English and Vietnamese.
Zambia - Lusaka
British High Commission in Lusaka, with an explanation of the Small Grants Scheme, and advice on how to apply.
Zimbabwe - Harare
Information about services provided by the High Commission, news and events, background on defence cooperation and an online version of Britain in Zimbabwe Magazine.

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