Official websites of UK governmental, statutory or regulatory bodies responsible for public finance issues.

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HM Treasury
Information on the UK's financial affairs department, responsible for the finances of Government and the economic affairs of the UK.
Bank of England
Controls the money supply and inflation and sets the base interest rate.
British Royal Mint
Contains information about coins and coin-making in the past and present day, the Mint's own history and current activities.
Business Link
Official government service, providing advice and information for new and small businesses.
Commissioners for the Reduction of the National Debt
Responsible for the investment and management of government funds. Provides information about its role and the funds that it manages.
Financial Services Authority
FSA. Responsible for the regulation of UK financial system.
Guardian Unlimited Politics Special Reports - Economics
Ongoing news and analysis about Gordon Brown's economic policies including taxes, pensions, budgets, unions, employment, spending and other topics. With interviews, spending reviews and full archives.
Insolvency Service
Deals with insolvency matters in England and Wales and some limited insolvency matters in Scotland. Provides detailed practical information on how to deal with insolvency matters.
National Insurance Contributions Office
Manages the UK National Insurance system. Site provides information on National Insurance, how the system is administered and rates and allowances.
National Savings and Investments
Information and advice from the state-owned investments organisation.
Public Works Loan Board
Makes loans from the National Loans Fund (NLF) to local government authorities and other prescribed bodies. Site describes the work of the Board and its lending arrangements.
United Kingdom Debt Management Office
Issues, and sometimes purchases, £-denominated government debt, being gilts and Treasury bills.
BBC Desert Island Discs: Sir Mervyn King
Sir Mervyn King, outgoing governor of the Bank of England, is interviewed by Kirsty Young. (June 02, 2013)
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