Sites relating to the UK Ministry of Defence.
British Defence Staff in the United States
Based at the British Embassy in Washington DC, the staff deal with all aspects of US-UK defence matters. Provides a range of information on UK Defence for an American audience.
British Forces Germany
Official site of British Forces Germany, providing information for Service and civilian staff on the BFG organisation, welfare, support services and events.
British Forces Post Office
Provides mail delivery services to British Forces worldwide. Site provides information on mail services, including the "e-Bluey" electronic mail service available online.
DA-Notices System
The official site of the Defence, Press and Broadcasting Advisory Committee.
Defence Academy of the United Kingdom
Aims to provide civilian and military personnel with an education, primarily at post-graduate level, and conduct research in fields related to defence.
Defence Business Services National Security Vetting
Responsible for carrying out, and maintaining, national security checks on military and civilian staff employed by the MOD, private sector personnel employed on defence related work, and staff in a number of other government departments.
Defence Engineering and Science Group
Site presents information on the work of the DESG and the opportunities it offers for training and career development.
Defence Scientific and Technology Laboratory
Providing science and technology support for UK defence, security and government. Includes reports, services provided, history and FAQs.
Duke of York's Royal Military School
The Duke of York's Royal Military School (an agency of the UK Ministry of Defence) provides a unique education for 11-18 year old children of those who have served for a minimum of four years on regular engagements in the British Armed Forces.
The Hydrographic Office
Responsible for producing Admiralty charts of the waters off Britain and around the world.
Met. Office
Provides UK and international weather forecasting services for the Ministry of Defence, business and the public.
Ministry of Defence, United Kingdom
Central corporate site of the UK Ministry of Defence. Provides information on the UK's armed forces and the Ministry, obtaining service records, policy documents and Defence news.
MOD Procurement Portal
UK Ministry of Defence Procurement Portal, providing access to the MOD Defence Contracts Bulletin and a range of information relating to doing business with the MOD.
PJHQ (Permanent Joint Headquarters)
Located at Northwood, Commands overseas joint and combined military operations and provides military advice to the Ministry of Defence.
Royal Air Force No 22 (Training) Group
Responsible for the recruitment and selection of all Royal Air Force personnel and for the policy and delivery of Royal Air Force non-operational training.
Operating as a business unit within Defence Infrastructure Organisation, security services group provide IDS, access control and CCTV systems.
Statistics at MOD
Official source of UK Defence Statistics and National Statistics publications for the MoD.
UK National Codification Bureau
Responsible for NATO Codification in the United Kingdom.
United Kingdom Hydrographic Office (UKHO)
The UKHO is a government Trading Fund and part of the Ministry of Defence. Primary activity is the provision of navigational products and services to the Royal Navy and the merchant marine in compliance with Safety Of Life At Sea (SOLAS) Regulations.
Veterans UK
Ministry of Defence agency responsible for veterans' affairs, including war and service pensions, service records, military graves, medals and welfare issues.
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