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This category leads to websites providing access to general information and resources on UK local government.
Here the links for each UK country, should provide alphabetical lists of websites for
    Unitary Authorities,  District,  Borough  and Town  Councils.
Please note that websites for Parish Councils are only listed at the appropriate  Locality.

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Association for Public Service Excellence
Promotes modern techniques such as best value and benchmarking amongst its members. Profile, services, membership information and news.
The Association of High Sheriffs of England and Wales
Shrievalty association for annual independent non-political Royal appointment. History, duties, responsibilities, current appointments, archive of magazines, forthcoming events, contacts and related links.
Local Government Association initiative to investigate the ways in which elected local councillors are using the Internet.
Department of Communities and Local Government
Aims to foster prosperous and cohesive communities, offering a safe, healthy and sustainable environment for all. Information about activities and policies.
Report, view, or discuss local problems like graffiti, fly tipping, broken paving slabs, or street lighting.
Information for Local Government
Archive of local government-related information published on the web sites of UK central government departments and agencies to 2014.
Land Registry
Guarantees the title to registered land in England and Wales and holds records for land ownership and interests.
Local Authorities Research and Intelligence Association
Established to promote research and provide support for those conducting or commissioning research within the field of local government. Profile, library, professional development, publications, jobs, regional network contacts, news blog and social media links.
Local Government
Portal to a range of information on local governance, from the Department for Communities and Local Government.
Local Government Association
Internet service providing information on the major issues affecting local government and details of current LGA activities.
Local Government Association
Works with local authorities, regional employers and other bodies to lead and create solutions on pay, pensions and the employment contract. Details of their work and information for employees and employers.
Local Government Information Unit (LGIU)
An independent research and information organisation supported by councils and the local government trade unions. The site provides general information on their role and activities, as well as providing updates on the latest legal, political and technical information.
Local Government Ombudsman
Guide to how to make a complaint, with resources on adult social and privately funded care. Includes reports on decisions, advisers, advocates, advice for MPs and councillors, training courses, news blog, social media and contacts in Coventry.
Local Government Websites
Includes list of council, county council and borough council websites.
New Local Government Network
The New Local Government Network promotes the modernisation of local government through vigorous debate and radical thinking.
Office for Public Management
Independent centre working to provide management practice and thinking in the delivery of public services.
Openly Local
A project to develop an open and unified way of accessing local government information. Includes details of councils, councillors, public spending, committees, and meetings.
Provider of net services for local council modernisation, including webcasting of council meetings, public consultation, and online voting.
Forums and documents for UK public service organisations.
Society of County Treasurers
Provides information about the financing of English local government.
Society of Local Authority Chief Executives
The representative body for senior strategic managers working in local government, promoting promotes effective local government and providing professional development for its members.
Society of Local Council Clerks
Exists to promote the professional standing and knowledge of its members throughout England and Wales.
Commission for Rural Communities
National Archive of CRC, prior to its abolition on 31 March 2013, Details of work to address rural disadvantage, news and events, discussion topics, documents and data. (March 21, 2014)
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