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Battle Conference of Anglo-Norman Studies
An annual event devoted to medieval history and culture. Information on past meetings, and date and location of upcoming meeting.
The Battle of Hastings - 1066
Provides information on the battle between King Harold II of England and Duke William of Normandy that changed the course of history in England. Includes a timeline, biographies and a history quiz.
Britain Express: Medieval England
History, culture, and daily life during the Middle Ages.
The Confederation of the Cinque Ports
Historic association of maritime towns in Kent and Sussex. Includes history, heraldic and ceremonial information, events, contacts and links about the ports and associated towns.
The Domesday Book and Beyond
Three essays on post-conquest England, by WF Maitland.
Florilegium Urbanum
A selection of primary documents, in modern English translation, illustrating aspects of urban society in medieval England.
Georgian Society for East Yorkshire
A society for all those in the East Yorkshire area interested in the history and culture of the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries.
History of England
General topics arranged in broad time periods.
An Island Story - A History of England for Boys and Girls
Full text of the illustrated children's history book written in 1920 by H. E. Marshall.
Macaulay's History of England, Volume 1
First published in 1849, it covers the English Civil Wars through to the Monmouth Rebellion.
Magna Carta
Translation from the Latin of the original version of the Magna Carta of Great Britain, signed by King John at Runnymede in 1215. With links to glossary and Latin original text.
The Making of the English Middle Class
Full text of Peter Earle's book, subtitled "Business, Society and Family Life in London 1660-1730".
North East Fire and Ambulance Services
A history of the services in photographs.
Old Towns
Contemporary descriptions of English towns and cities written between 1835 and 1848 and published in "The Penny Cyclopedia". Also sells copies of 19th-century engravings showing views of English towns.
Open Domesday
Online copy of Domesday Book of 1086: search for a town or village, find population and tax records, and see the original folios.
Outlaws and Highwaymen
Songs, poems, stories, memoirs, letters, satires, sermons, and other writings from the times are used to tell about the English highwayman from the 14th through the 19th centuries.
A Personal Railway History
Account by Fred Gibbs, a Birmingham man who worked on the railway between the years 1918 and 1967.
Secret History Stories
A selection of unusual stories about English History covering topics as diverse as feuds, nudes, death, disease and disaster from Roman times up to the present day.
Times of Change in the History of England
A brief history of the periods of transition in England, including the Norman Conquest, the Plague, and the Reformation.
The Victoria County History
Based at the Institute of Historical Research, the English local history series began in 1899 and was dedicated to Queen Victoria. Includes information and draft text for counties in progress.
Large historical image collection from English Heritage. Profile and image search.
The Village Labourer 1760-1832
First published in 1911, this study in the government of England before the Reform Bill takes a detailed look at the consequences of the acts of enclosure, which dramatically changed life in the countryside. Full text available on-line.

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