Official government websites concerning the legal system in England and Wales.

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Crown Prosecution Service
Describes the work of the agency that initiates proceedings against those charged with criminal offences in England and Wales.
HM Chief Inspector of Prisons for England and Wales
Outlines the work of the Chief Inspector and his team.
HM Courts & Tribunals Service
Executive agency providing admin support to a number of courts and tribunals in England and Wales. Description of the court system with a number of guides to recent changes.
Independent Monitoring Boards
Independent watchdogs responsible for conducting prison inspections in England and Wales. Provides details of the Boards' work and how to apply to be a visitor.
Late Payment Law
Basic information about debt payment.
The Law Commission
Independent body established by Parliament in 1965 to keep the law of England and Wales under review and to recommend reform when it is needed.
Legal Aid
Responsible for the development and administration of Community Legal Service and Criminal Defence Service, formerly known as legal aid. Includes information on what aid is available, how to apply and the qualification criteria.
Ministry of Justice
Information about the ministry, which took over the duties of the previous department of constitutional affairs and parts of the Home Office in May 2007.
National Probation Service for England and Wales
Provides information on the role and activities of the NPS.
You be the Judge
Interactive guide to sentencing.
Youth Justice Board for England and Wales
An executive non-departmental public body responsible for many aspects of youth justice. These include advising the Home Secretary on the operation of the justice system in delivering its aim of preventing offending by young people.
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