Basildon is an industrial town in South Essex. It is around 12 miles southwest of Chelmsford. It was named a "new town" in 1949 to accommodate overspill population from London. Basildon also incorporates many of the nearby old villages that were previously independent before World War II - The biggest of these is Pitsea, which is still around today. Pitsea comprises of many shops and a market that is open every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. Pitsea is also the home of the largest ever Tesco Superstore - Tesco Extra - Its so big that the customer helpers are on rollerscates! The estimated population of the town was estimated to be about 101,000 in 1994, although the population is estimated to have shot up quite a bit since then, as many more homes and businesses have populated the area. Fifteen years ago the towns only radio station closed its doors - "Radio Basildon" was its name, and it never came back. The only other radio that the town has had was "Eastgate FM", sponsored in part by the Eastgate Shopping Centre (hence the name) which broadcasted in the summer of 1999. Sadly this station only had a restricted licence to broadcast for 28 days, and although the whole town campaigned for it to continue, it was not to be. Ten years ago, Basildon had its own television station for a short period of time. "Laser TV" broadcasted from the then new Towngate Theatre. Sadly the Towngate Theatre went into receivership at this time, only to fall into financial trouble for a considerable about of time. Its still not open now, but rumour has it that the local council are set to change that soon. The town centre is a traffic free pedestrian area, and incorporates the Eastgate Shopping Centre, Basildon Market, Towngate Theatre (Currently Bankrupt), Council Offices and the new South Gate Shopping Centre.

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