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Dartmoor Crosses
Records of monuments surviving on the moor, and speculation on their purpose. Index of locations, with grid references, and suggested walks to see them, with safety precautions, quiz, and related links.
Dartmoor Livestock Protection Society
The Society helps ponies, sheep and cattle in distress on Dartmoor or in the markets where they are sold. Includes guidance on emergency help and gift catalogue.
Dartmoor Pony Heritage Trust
Charity aiming to ensure the viability and long-term survival of the traditional breed, conservation grazing, and handling service to keepers. Includes information for volunteers and donations, corporate packages, educational resources for school and work days based at Bellever, contacts, directions, links social media and location of their all-weather visitor centre at Bovey Tracey.
Dartmoor Trust
A digital image archive providing resources for research and education.
Legendary Dartmoor
Dartmoor legends, folklore, history, mystery and traditions by Tim Sandles. Includes bibliography.
Moor Than Meets The Eye
Partnership concerned with the people, communities, organisations that have influenced the landscape of Dartmoor over 4,000 years. Projects include wildlife conservation, developing preservation skills for ancient monuments, involving visitors and volunteers in harmony with local residents, farmers and businesses.
West Dartmoor.Mission Community
Covers services at seven churches, personnel and groups, forthcoming events, projects to repair, enhance and improve the buildings, videos, links to the village amenities and local organisations.
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