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All Pumps Direct
Suppliers of submersible pumps, swimming pool pumps, pond pumps, hand pumps, drainage pumps, garden and ornamental pumps.
Aquatak Bristol maintains and installs aquariums and water features.
Aquatics Direct
Online retailers of tropical aquarium and garden pond supplies, ranging from tank filtration to pond plants and pumps.
Aquatics Online
Order tropical, coldwater and marine aquarium equipment and supplies, and pond and water gardening accessories on-line from Bridgend-based supplier.
Online pond equipment suppliers of pumps, filters, liners, lighting and fish food. Includes advice section and FAQ.
Bradshaws Direct
Water features, pond equipment and garden lighting.
Fawcetts Pond Liners
Also offers pumps and filters. Describes the company and includes a priced catalogue with ordering instructions.
Flexible Lining Products Ltd
Online purchasing of pond liners and geotechnical materials, products and accessories. Detailed product catalogue, including technical information and prices.
Fountains Direct
Provide water displays, features, pond construction and maintenance.
Garden Irrigation Supplies
Garden watering systems and accessories for lawns, greenhouses and hanging baskets. Online product catalogue and secure ordering available.
Garden Pond Supplies
Shop online for a variety of water garden supplies
Garden pond and water gardening products such as heron pond guards and pondvacs.
Gordon Low Products
UK manufacturer and supplier of pond liners.
Head Squared Aquatics
Pond consultants who offer advice, troubleshooting, maintenance, quantity survey, and online shop.
Classic and contemporary stone garden fountains and water features.
Alternative pond liner for koi carp and other pond fish. Application tips and case studies.
Liners Online
Supply pond liners and protective pond underlay.
Maidenhead Aquatics
Offers a range of Koi and aquarium related products. Online sales.
German engineered water pumps, for ponds, fountains, waterfalls and other fittings such as underwater lighting.
Mimmack Aquatics
Retailers of aquatic plants and water lilies selling garden and pond products including water lilies, plants and other aquatic products.
Offers pond liners, underlay, pumps, filters and pond equipment.
Pumps and Spares
Garden pond pumps, spares, filtration, electrical installation and garden lighting.
Swell UK
Pond pumps, pond liners, koi filters, koi ponds, water features, aquarium and fishkeeping products; marine fishkeeping equipment from numerous aquarium, marine and pond manufacturers.
Value Aquatics
Shop supplying pond liners and associated accessories.
Water Garden Ltd
Offers pumps, fountains, pond filters, water treatment, liners and accessories for indoor and outdoor ponds.
Water Gardening Direct
Ecommerce water garden centre from Peterborough.
World of Water
Pond pumps, filters, clarifiers, and liners. Stores nationwide or on-line shop.
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