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Concept Research Ltd.
Manufacturer, importer and stockist of brand ultrasonic deterrents to rid property of foxes, cats, moles, rats and mice. Online purchase from Stevenage, Hertfordshire.
Producers of a fly trap specifically designed to attract and kill all species of flies. Includes explanation of product, online sales include worldwide shipping, with contacts in Rawdon, West Yorkshire.
Knowle Nets Ltd.
Offering horticultural netting supplies, fruit and vegetable cages, bird and poultry netting, fly screens, fleece and ground cover sheeting. Includes online purchase and contacts in Bridport, Dorset.
Martley Electronics Ltd.
Offering electronic pest control devices, including bird scarers, rat killers, and other products. Online purchase from Holt Heath, Worcestershire.
Midge Terminator
Online sales of electronic devices that silently eliminate midges and mosquitoes without pesticides. Descriptions of products, and contacts in Argyll, Scotland.
Mole Traps
Range of mole control products.
Original Touch
Specialising in moss and algae removal products, also selling biological methods, weedkillers, spray equipment, fertilizers and seeds. Online purchase with contacts in Welton, Lincolnshire.
Pest Control Direct Ltd.
DIY supplies for home and business, including traps, rodenticides, insecticides for rats, mice cockroaches, flies and deterrents for birds. Online ordering, with next-day delivery available, from Hailsham, East Sussex.
The Pest Police
Offer animal traps, includes examples and prices.
Piramid Imports Ltd.
Danish-designed trap for slugs using no poisons, available by post from Malton, North Yorkshire.
Scarletts PlantCare
Specialist supplier of biological control products for gardens. Includes details of plant pests and the appropriate control species.
Slug Rings Ltd.
Cottage industry selling solid copper rings for eco-friendly protection of vulnerable plants from slugs and snails. Product information including prices, and mail order from Monkton Farleigh, Wiltshire.
Trap Man
Manufacturer of vermin traps in sizes for different animals, also offering bird deterrents, bait and accessories. Online purchase from Holmeswood, Lancashire.
William James & Co.
Manufacturers of cages and netting for fruit and vegetables, also offering ties, horticultural fleece and ground cover fabric. Includes online purchase, and profile of company in Bridport, Dorset.
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