Online suppliers in the UK primarily offering essential oils and aromatherapy-centred products.

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Abbey Essentials
Essential oils from all over the world, their properties, uses and prices.
Skin care, hair care, essential oils and related products.
Online store selling a range of ready mixed aromatherapy oil blends and skin care products. Also offers a service to fragrance business premises.
Aromatherapy oils and related products.
Avena Herbal Products
Catalogue listing a variety of aromatherapy and herbal remedies including natural animal care.
Bay House Aromatics
Sells aromatherapy products for practitioners and amateurs. Includes organic oils, bottles, CDs and candles.
Celestial Designs Aromatherapy
Essential oils and aromatherapy products including student kits and lockable professional carry cases.
The Coconut Oil Company
Importers and distributors of organic, virgin coconut oil. Information about their product and its uses, testimonials, and background. Includes an online shopping facility.
Denise Brown
A range of products for online purchase. Primarily aromatherapy related but also Bach Flower remedies and a section on angel therapy.
DGM Aromatics
Pure essential oils and complementary therapy products. Products listed by emotional effect.
Ellwoods of Dumfries
Scottish suppliers of pure essential oils, aromatherapy products and herbal skin creams. Includes contact and online ordering facility.
The Essential Oil Company Ltd.
Supplies aromatherapy and other therapeutic products.
Essential Oils Direct
Mail order suppliers of specialised aromatherapy products.
Essential Oils Online
Profile and product range with customer recipes and safety advice.
Fleur Aromatherapy
Sells essential and carrier oils and accessories. Fact sheets about aromatherapy and company news.
Floral Aura
A range of 100% chemical free aromatherapy sprays, for various occasions. Can supply custom products for weddings.
Hermitage Oils
Offer essential oils and aromatherapy products. Catalogue and contact details.
ID Aromatics
Wholesaler of aromatherapy oils, empty bottles and related products. Minimum order value applies.
Iona Naturals
Offers 100% pure and natural skin care products and essential oils. Product catalogue, testimonials and shopping cart.
Jersey Lavender
A family run farm that grows, harvests and distills lavender to produce lavender essential oil. Supplies a range of items produced from the oil.
Just Aromatherapy
Retailer of aromatherapy products including organic pure essential oils and hydrosols, carrier oils, skin care, massage oils and accessories.
Katseye Blends
Providing blends of pure aromatic essences. Also includes safety information.
Natural Touch Aromatherapy
Suppliers of pure essential oils, carrier oils, absolutes, hydrolats and base lotions, including kits for aromatherapy students.
Supplies essential/carrier oils and a range of other Aromatharapy goods.
Only Nature
A range of aromatherapy products including treatments blends for various conditions, and Aromapeeling.
Organica J
Offers herbal products with catalogue, advice and shopping cart.
Supplies a range of essential oils, most of them organic or wild harvested, plus complimentary aromatherapy products.
Pauhla Whitaker
Offers aromatherapy products for use on animals, and also consultations for animal owners.
Quinessence Aromatherapy Ltd
Supplier of a range of aromatherapy products.
Quintessentially English
Suppliers and makers of handmade beauty products, including aromatherapy candles, essential oils, handmade soaps, dried flowers and herbs.
Sapphire Natural Beauty
Offers a range of handmade aromatherapy products.
Scent By Nature
Essential oils, gift packs and collections with information and usage tips. Also sale of green clay.
Aromatherapy fragrancers with naturally therapeutic essential oils for alternative and complementary holistic health and relaxation.
TLC in a Bottle
Offer essential oils, blends and aromatherapy supplies. Order form and contact details.
Aromatherapy essential oils, oil burners and diffusers. Advice for use during pregnancy, stress relief, and insomnia.
Worldwide Aromatiques
Essential oils, vitamins and health supplements by mail order.
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