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Manufacturer of herbal products offers information and a magazine in herbal medicine.
Abeeco Products
Supplements and extract, soap and skin care, and blended formulas for specific ailments.
Acupuncture Supplies Porthcawl
Supplier of acupuncture supplies and products to practitioners, including moxa, tens machines, needles, glass inspirators, anatomic models and charts.
Allied Health
Drug free pain relief equipment including Tens units and electro-acupuncture machines.
Alternative Ways
Alternative medicines, using natural herbs and supplements, dowsing for allergies, health problems and geopathic stress.
Archturus Healthlink Ltd
Health supplements, herbs, advice and counselling company. Products available and contact details.
Aromatherapy Direct
Pure essential oils and aromatherapy massage oils.
Berwitz Homeopathy
Clinic offering homeopathic and other alternative treatments.
BodyEdge Ltd
Suppliers of natural healthcare, sport, beauty products and liquid collagen supplements. Includes product range and on-line shopping.
Citrosept UK
Provides information about this grapefruit seed extract, with online ordering.
Colon Supplies UK Ltd
Offers colon therapy and hydrotherapy equipment.
The Crystal Healer
Crystals, books and music, meditation and workshop CDs.
Haelan Centre
Providing culinary and medicinal herbs as well as organic and wholefood. Offers advice on different remedies, newsletter, clinic information and company profile.
Halzephron Herb Farm
Catalogue of herbal medicines and ointments available worldwide via mail order with on-line order form.
Herbs and Helpers
Sells herbal medicines and herbs to registered practitioners. Also includes information about traditional Chinese herbal medicine and UK herbalists.
Herbs of Grace
Organic, wild crafted and conventional herbal supplements from sustainable sources. Products, practitioners, ailments and contact.
Specialising in popularisation and propagation of knowledge about phytotherapy and healing plants of South American origin. Online ordering of herbal remedies, medicines and cosmetics.
Lepicol Health Products
Distributors and producers of high fibre foods for healthy bowels. Products are made with psylium husk and are wheat free.
Magnetic Bracelets Wales
An authorised regional retailer of Bioflow magnotherapy bracelets, wristbands and various other magnetic jewellery products.
Magnetic Direct
Offers magnetic jewellery from stainless steel, titanium, hematite, and copper.
Moa Green Balm
Supplier of yarrow based healing balm with online ordering.
Mother Earth Healing Products
Providing a range of natural products including skincare, herbal hair treatments, soap, flower remedies and essential oils. Includes company profile and ordering instructions.
Natural Health House
Household, personal, cosmetic and nutritional products.
Nectar Ease
Manuka Honey and Bee Venom Products from New Zealand.
Nutri Centre
Online store offering vitamins, minerals, food supplements as well as articles and product features.
Omni Massage Systems
European distributor and seller for the Omni massage roller.
Details of benefits and products from supplier of the rye grass extract products for treatment of asthma, bronchitis, emphysema, acne, eczema, burns and scalds.
Passion for Life
Specialises in innovative health products, plus ranges of aromatherapy, natural cosmetics and herbal and vitamin supplements.
Potters Herbal Medicines
Offers range of herbal medicines, vitamins, minerals and supplements, toiletries, relaxation tapes and aromatherapy products. Features news, guidance and information on products and FAQs.
Online purchase of electronic gadget which the manufacturers claim acts as a personal life coaching system.
Shop Holistic
Offers holistic products with a selection arranged by category.
Solanum Potato tablets.
Online purchase of Danish treatment to improve flexibility.
Specialist Herbal Supplies
Specializing in individual and herbal mixtures. Includes programmes for menopause, colon and liver.
Range of items related to Reiki and healing including singing bowls, essences and massage couches.
Swallow Healthy Diet
Offers a range of herbal remedies. Includes search by ailment and shopping cart.
Touch Needs
Mail order suppliers of products to be used during training in massage therapy.
Uncommon Knowledge
Brighton-based company offering hypnosis and hypnotherapy training in and around London. Also tapes and CDs for purchase online.
White Mountain Home Page
Sells Radionic and psychotronic devices for healing, meditation, spiritual growth and research.
World Of Magnets
Supplier of magnetic jewellery and other products for magnetic therapy. Includes a description of products.
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