Champfleurie Consultants Ltd
Business psychologists based in Central Scotland, specialising in management development and performance improvement through competencies, assessment centres and training. Site contains related articles, product and service information.
Accurate psychometric assessments delivered online for use by those recruiting.
Ergon Competence Assessments
Provides solutions to enable people selection, especially for internal projects and external recruitment. Works closely with the British Computer Society for their competency framework and its automation.
Human Resource Profiling
HR Profiles Ltd specialises in the use of Hogan psychometrics for behavioural profiling of individuals, for the purpose of human resource planning, selection, development and performance coaching
Iridium Consulting
Provides experienced assessment and development consultants. Services include; assessment centres, development centres, team building, executive coaching and NLP for business.
Liam Healy and Associates
UK based occupational psychologists specialising in psychometrics, selection and development, assessment and development centres, psychometric test software publishing, and personal development/career counselling.
OPP Limited
An international business psychology consultancy. Profile, services and product range.
Oxford Psychometrics
A small team of independent Chartered Psychologists offering work-related business solutions to clients, both large and small.
Designs, develops and markets behavioural skills assessment solutions for HR professionals.
Psychological Solutions
Company offering a range of services including psychological assessment and HR consultancy.
Qi Concepts Limited
Occupational psychologists based in Nottingham, specialising in management development and assessment.
Reynolds Human Resources Consultants
HR consultancy services in psychometric testing, search and selection, training and development, assessment centres and HR strategy.
Right Psychology
Offers recruitment and development solutions centred on psychometric testing for both individuals and organisations. Provides portfolio, details of services and contact.
Sales Team Focus UK
A sales consultancy offering online psychometric recruitment testing, designed to help employers improve the performance of their sales teams and reduce training and recruitment costs.
Team Focus
A psychology-based consultancy specialising in enhancing the contribution of people at individual, team and corporate levels.
Team Insight
HR consultancy offers psychometric testing and analysis for recruitment and selection, personal development, coaching and mentoring, team building and career counselling.
West Associates
Industrial psychologists offering consultancy and implementation of psychometric testing. This firm also offers recruitment marketing, teambuilding, stress management and career counciling.
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