Friendly societies write mainly long-term life insurance or sickness and accident benefit products. Their primary objectives are similar to that of mutual insurance companies, however many friendly societies also include social and benevolent activities among their purposes. Because they are mutuals they have no external stakeholders and are owned by their policyholders.
Association of Friendly Societies
The AFS is the representative body for UK friendly societies. The site aims to keep member societies aware of developments in the industry and to provide information about friendly societies to everyone, including information on member societies. UK friendly societies provide assurance, insurance and healthcare products to millions.
Benenden Health
An independent charitable trust with its own hospital in Cranbrook. Membership information, map of regional centres, FAQs and press releases.
British Benefits Friendly Society Ltd
The society offers Permanent Health Insurance, Low Rate Loans and Financial Planning for Education, Sickness and Nursing Advice. Product details including the Century Plan capital account are available plus downloadable forms.
The Children's Mutual
Offers company profile, details of services, information for new and existing customers, and contacts.
Cirencester Friendly Society Limited
A Holloway society whose "Income Assured" schem is designed to meet the needs of the self-employed, those in employment who must rely on state benefit during periods of incapacity and those who simply want to protect their savings during periods of prolonged incapacity.
Civil Service Healthcare
CS Healthcare specialises in providing health insurance exclusively for civil servants, employees in the public sector and privatised industries, and their families who are living in the UK. Former employees can also benefit.
Compass Friendly Society
Single product guide, including company and contact details.
Dentists & General
Open to dentists and other professionals and offering information on products and services along with contact details, a members area and access for IFAs.
Druids Sheffield Friendly Society
Offers practical and affordable savings schemes and insurance plans to meet the needs of people from all walks of life. Includes an on-line enquiry form.
Exeter Friendly Society Limited
Offers private medical insurance and income protection. Includes contact details, product details and application forms available to download.
Family Investments
UK's largest tax-exempt Friendly Society. Family Assurance Provides Savings Bonds, Children's Savings Bonds and Investment Products.
Friendly Societies
Directory of friendly societies with historical features and other background information.
Health Shield Friendly Society
Health Shield is a non-profit making friendly society and has over 125 years experience of healthcare provision, specialising in cash benefits healthcare schemes for companies and individuals throughout the UK.
Healthy Investment
This society offers financial services to people who are non-drinkers. More than an alcohol-free friendly society, its members share a common vision of a better way to live and a truly mutual society. In addition to product and contact details, there is information on a unique museum about the society.
Holloway Friendly Society
Provide permanent health insurance PHI and tax exempt savings bonds. Mutual society based in Gloucester.
Homeowners Friendly Society Limited
Offers a range of savings, investment and life insurance products including a Child Trust Fund account, equity ISA and over 50s life insurance.
Kingston Unity Friendly Society
Leeds based friendly society. Offer sickness, life and tax-exempt savings products.
Liverpool Victoria
The UK's largest friendly society, offering a range of financial products and services including savings and investments, car, home, pet and travel insurance, life insurance and financial advice.
Oddfellows, Manchester Unity
Details of services and benefits to support members, along with the lodges which have active social programmes and provide help and support to members in the local area. The society has a connection with the Citizens Advice Bureau to provide effective support to members nationally.
The society specialises in providing Impaired Life Annuities(e.g. compulsory purchase annuities for retirement and purchased life annuities especially for the immediate needs of long term care). The site is intended for use mainly by professional financial advisers.
Police Mutual Assurance Society Limited
The police service's very own financial services organisation providing a range of products and services exclusively for the police family.
Schoolteachers Friendly Society
A friendly society originally set up by teachers and for teachers. Now open to the anyone working in the education sector. Benefits include Sickness Income Plan (for those in the education sector) and Tax-exempt Investment Policy (for everybody).
Scottish Friendly Assurance Society
A Glasgow based friendly society providing Investments, Pensions, Life Assurance, Tax Free Savings Plans. Full details of ISAs, lump sum investments, pensions, life assurance products and printable application forms.
Shepherds Friendly Society
A mutual organisation, a society run and managed by its members for its members. Site describes the life products available to members.
Teachers Assurance
Mutual organisation offering a range of financial products and services for teachers.
Transport Friendly Society
A society dedicated to employees of the public transport industry and their families. Details of endowment, life, sickness and hospital benefits available to members and downloadable claim forms.
Wiltshire Friendly Society Limited
Member-owned organization offering help to working people who, because of illness or injury, are unable to earn their living.
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