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Adamson, John
Working on site with standing and felled trees, this artist takes his inspiration from the shape of the wood to find ways of expressing the human form.
Anthony Marble Works
Stone carvings by operting theatre nurse who uses a dental drill bit.
Archer, Michael Dan
Sculptor working in granite and marble also produces work in bronze, neon, steel, water and earthworks along with other softer stones.
Arnup, Sally
Sculptor works directly from her subject to produce life size animal bronzes.
Barter, Michael
Sculptor and artist from Essex. Uses recycled materials, such as driftwood, metal or stone. Biography and exhibits.
Beardwood, Christine
Sculptor working in bronze.
Boyt, Judy
Sculptures and srtwork
Burns, Mick
[Lincolnshire] Chainsaw sculptor who carves large scale wood sculptures: contact details, courses offered, profile, gallery, links and events.
Campbell-Briggs, Ian
Portfolio and profile of abstract figurative sculptor, based in Kent. Specialising in bronze, metalwork, glass casting, stone and wood carving, figure modelling and resin sculpture commissions.
Carpenter, Benedict
Sculpture and drawing.
Clark, Terrence
An artist whose medium is hot-forged iron. Original contemporary blacksmithing and an understanding of traditional work assures a purist approach to restoration.
Elliott, Dennis
Large one-of-a-kind vessels, wall sculptures and abstract sculptures, accented with carving to give a tactile feel.
Escar UK Bronze
Designers and producers of bronze sculptures using the Lost Wax Technique.
Faulds, Alan
A gallery of this Scottish artist's work, also links and profile.
Freeman, Peter
Works with lights. Neon, fibre optics and floodlighting.
Gregory, Ian
Potter. Examples of his work and sculpting techniques. Exhibitions and training courses plus reviews of his ceramics books.
Hammer and Tongs
Artist blacksmith offering information on his services including iron and metalwork, corporate furniture, gates, railings, arbours, bridges, water features, public art, gazebos and benches.
Hashemi, Abbas
Cambridge based artist making mainly abstract works in stone with subliminal references to the natural world.
Hedge, Jonathan
Stone carver in Cambridge specialises in restoration, decorative architectural work and landscape features.
Kennedy, Philip
Stone sculptor from Manchester. Abstract and figurative work in a variety of stones. He also models in clay and paints with watercolour.
Kent, Giles
A sculptor in wood, specialising in environmentally oriented works.
Marsham, Sophie
London based sculptor and public artist who re-works and sculpts reclaimed and recycled metals.
McGowan, Liz
Sculptures using natural and found materials. Biography and gallery.
McKean, Lorne
Bronze Sculpture and Art Sculptures. Award winning Sculptor, Fellow of the Royal Society of British Sculptors.
Moulton, Peter
Characterful, figurative sculptures of the female nude. Small scale limited edition casts.
Osmond, Kevin
Portfolio, biography, awards and reviews.
Pattenden, Diana
Bronze sculptures of cows, bulls, cattle and other interesting and inspiring subjects.
Rae, Ronald
Wild animals and figures feature in these large-scale carvings in granite by a Scottish artist.
Reynolds, Adam
Sculptor who specialises in public art.
Rolandini, Livia
Artist from London presents her sculpture made from woven wire mesh.
Ross, Terry
Unique automotive sculptures in resin: catalogue, prices and contact details.
Seccombe, Jo
Sculptures in bronze and resin: life and animal studies. Biography and portfolio.
Shepherd, Luke
Portrait sculpture and bronze art work. Gallery, commissioning details, biography and interview.
Stevens, Guy
Sculptor specializing in stone carving, including sculpture heads, bowls and spoons.
Sue, Purple
Sculptures out of herbs, natural and re-cycled materials.
Turner, Michael
Animals, insects and fantasy figurative work.
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