This category contains UK based artists' web sites. The emphasis of the category is on the artist, style and medium used and most sites include a gallery exhibiting the artist’s work.

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Adams, Sarah
[Carmarthenshire] Wildlife, botanical and equestrian artist, also offering short courses in botanical illustration and painting gardens.
Adshead, Jackie
Profile, galleries and contact details for artist working in a variety of media.
Alita Porter
Based in Aberdeenshire and creating abstract acrylic paintings on canvas and polymer clay sculptures.
Appleby, Lynda
[Wiltshire] Paintings, primarily in watercolour. Samples of work, exhibition details, client list and tuition information.
Austins, Lloyd
English contemporary mixed media artist. London.
Bailey, Colin
[Hastings] Limited edition etchings, paintings and photographs. Profile, exhibition details and some works for sale.
Baldwin, James
Pencil drawings, mostly of aircraft.
[Bristol] Graffiti artist shows and explains some of his best work.
Bates, Keith
[Manchester] Samples of his work in mail art, fonts, and abstract realism.
Beeley, Pollyanna - Aluminium Artworks
Contemporary metal work for public and private spaces, including wall-hangings, bowls and prints. Sheffield.
Bianchi, Ana
[Gloucestershire] Contemporary artist specialising in sweeping canvas landscape paintings of isolated farm buildings.
Billinghay, Adele
Contemporary glass artist who produces designs using recycled glass. Biography and gallery.
Binks, Steven
[Suffolk] Watercolours and fine art prints featuring rural scenes: galleries, ordering information and profile.
Blackman, Jacqui
[Leicester] Landscapes, animals and floral watercolours, oil and acrylic paintings.
Bowles, Sasha
Modern artist, includes a photo gallery and exhibition information.
Bowman, Mike
[Dorset] French and Italian landscapes. Impressionist.
Brain, Alan
Displays paintings in watercolour and acrylic and information about art courses.
Bramble, Richard
A contemporary artist, specialising in paintings in oils, oil pastels, watercolours and chalk. Pictures range from the figurative to the abstract.
Brenan, Julie
[Carmarthenshire] Canine and equine artist. Prints and originals for sale including portraits of Crufts winners.
Britton, Rosie
[Dorset] Landscapes, woodland, garden, flower and semi-abstract paintings in oils, pastels, mixed media and acrylics: galleries, painting courses and contact information.
Bush, Martin
[Monmouthshire] Offers abstracts, murals and commercial art. Galleries, CV, links and contact information.
Carby Art Gallery
[Aberdeen] Biography and email contact address for Scots artist painting Spanish and Scottish landscapes.
Chappell. Michael
[Dorset] Paintings of seascapes and coastal landscapes, working with acrylics en plein air. He also produces assemblages of found objects.
Clyne, Thora
[Kinross-shire] Paintings of cats, countrysides and romantic themes from the past: galleries and contact details.
Coles, Howard
[Gwynedd] Contemporary landscape painter. Online gallery shows examples of mixed media and oil paintings.
Collett, Gordon
Specialising in trompe l'oeil and period style (residential and commercial) murals. Also commissions for portraits and illustration. Includes a portfolio of recent work. In English and French.
Cook, Andy
[London] European colourist and landscape painter. Includes gallery of work, biography and current exhibitions.
Cordiner, Claire
Contemporary Scottish artist. Portfolio with prices and biography.
David C. Lyons
Landscape and portrait artist providing personal, technical and contact details, picture galleries of work and information about commission work.
Davies, Heather
[Cumbria] Abstract, Figurative and Landscape Artist. Features news, gallery, biography and prints for sale.
Day, Elizabeth
Based near Exmoor and specializing in horses and hounds in pastels and oils. Includes information about commissions and portfolio.
De La Croix, Maximillien
An examination of this progressive neo-cubist artist, and his work on display by The Baker Collection.
Derrick, Christine
[Somerset] Floral and garden paintings in oils and watermedia: biography, galleries, price list and contact details.
Drury, David
Landscape art by Surrey artist. Paintings in watercolour and acrylic. Collection of Surrey scenes and general gallery of landscape paintings and biography.
Fearon, Claire
[Sussex] Works in acrylic on canvas, typically featuring circular designs. Artist profile, gallery and exhibition details.
Finding, Vicky
[Dorset] Online Gallery displaying original works including seascapes and floral studies in watercolour, oils and mixed media.
Flannigan, Moyna
Showcasing the paintings, drawings and prints of an Edinburgh based artist.
Foster, Ann
Watercolour and mixed media. Gallery and exhibition details.
Foster, Tony
Watercolours. Gallery and exhibition news.
Fuller, Robert E
[North Yorkshire] Wildlife artist - paintings, drawings and bronze sculpture. Information about the artist, his gallery, and purchase of original works, prints and cards.
Garlick, Mark A.
A gallery of digital art in the fields of space and astronomy, science fiction, and surrealism. [requires the Flash6 player]
Gough, Paul
[Bristol] Images, essays and research biographies in the aesthetics of conflict, commemorative landscapes, memorials and remembrance, war art and fine art education
Gould, Robert
Scottish landscape artist focusing on countryside, castles, golf and hunting related paintings. [Renfrewshire]
Green, Adrian
[Cardiff] Welsh Artist of the Year 2002. Work features African travels and European townscapes.
Haring, Noel
Watercolour paintings. Includes collection of paintings of Havana, Cuba, gallery of portraits and assorted subjects, biography of the artist.
Hartman, Lesley Ann
[Essex] Specialist in pastels and oil paintings of Arabian Horses, pets and wildlife.
Hawkins, Barry G
[Bristol] Paintings and drawings by Trinity House Lighthousekeeper of lighthouses, marine birds, canal and river landscapes: galleries, links and contact information.
Heald, Tony
[Barnsley] Paintings and drawings in a variety of media but mainly in oils. Artist's profile, gallery and commissions.
Heaton, Roger
[Lincolnshire] Animal, personal and equestrian portraits and landscapes in oils, watercolours and pastels, plus cleaning and restoration services.
Heaven, Rachel
Gallery of works in oil and other media. Commissions undertaken. [Nottinghamshire]
Henderson, Celia
[West Sussex]. Fine art flower photography and abstract images as contemporary wall art on prints, canvas, fiberboard, acrylic, fabric and stationary. Includes profile, image gallery, product details, and exhibition list.
Higgs, Raymond
[Cumbria] British artist making limited edition, abstract, reduction wood engravings. Biography, gallery, methods of production and reviews.
Holmes, Tish
[Humberside] A disabled artist who shows some of her work and wants to help others starting out in either oils or watercolours.
Horne, Rosemary
Cornish artist. Includes virtual galleries of her paintings and photography.
Hulse, Caroline
[Reading] European landscape paintings: galleries and contact information.
Johnson, Annette
[London] Fine artist painter and printmaker, plus exhibition details, and information on available private and workshop-based tuition.
Jones, Wendy
[North Yorkshire] Gallery of works in oil and other media. Includes information on handmade cards and an enquiry form.
Kaccoufa, Theo
Makes kinetic and conceptual works with a humorous edge. [London]
Kennedy, Helen
Edinburgh based painter, printmaker and illustrator. Includes profile and portfolio.
Kersey, Geoff
[Derbyshire] Original landscape watercolours: galleries and contact details.
Kingsbury, Alan
Galleries of paintings in different styles and email contact. [Cornwall]
Kirkwood, Hugh
[Ross-shire] Paintings inspired by traditional Scottish art. Gallery, exhibition details and contact information.
Kirrage, Anna
[Sussex] Portraits of pets, children and adults, as well as landscape paintings of Scottish, Welsh and English scenes, in pastel, watercolour or acrylic.
Knight, Sera
Gallery of paintings including themes of ballet, dance and boats.
Lacey, Andrew
Sculptor, bronze founder and archaeometallurgist who has contributed to a number of television documentaries. Biography, publications, TV work and portfolio.
Laing, Gerald
Contemporary artist with a body of work that spans the Pop Movement of the Sixties to representational bronze sculptures.
Legge, Guy
An accumulation of the results of a lifetime's procupation with drawing and painting.
Lewis, Ann
Paintings and drawings inspired by the North Wales landscape.
Lewis, Sarah
Rich still lifes and romantic nudes. Gallery, biography, and exhibition schedule.
Liddell, Angus
[Gloucestershire] Gallery of life drawings and paintings.
MacPhee, Marion
Printmaker offering profile of artist, galleries and contact details.
Maher, Fiona
Portfolio and profile of a Scottish painter, sculptor and arts educator.
McGowan, Eleanor
Biography of the artist and gallery of her works.
Miller, Harley
[Morayshire] Landscape and contemporary painting, plus commissioned artwork, and work for printed publications. Also provides training courses for other artists.
Morrison, Bee
Galleries, profile, painting tuition and contact information for watercolourist based in the North West of England.
Moses, Howard and Laurie
[Bristol] Working in oil, watercolour and digital media: galleries, contact details and exhibitions.
Myatt, John
Painter of 'Legitimate Fakes'. Biography, gallery with details of tv series and forthcoming film.
Nathan, Ken
Art created from celebrities trash, to be auctioned for St Mungo's homeless charity: exhibition and auction details, catalogue, contributors, artist profile, links and contact information.
Neal, Trevor
[South Yorkshire] Commissions, naked human form, surreal and continental landscape paintings.
Neate, Adam
A free street art artist, he places paintings on the street for others to take home. Online portfolio.
Neave, Vincent
[Bristol] Marine and landscape artist: cv, commissions, exhibitions, galleries and links.
Peart., Jane
[Oxford] Specialist in highly detailed pencil and pen and ink drawings and etchings: portfolio, exhibitions and contact information.
Prowse, Alex
[London] Works in oil, pastels and watercolour: gallery, profile and contact details.
Fine art gallery showing the work of British digital artist Random Man.
Rich, Mo
Pastel artist. Biography, journal and commissions.
Robarts, Gwynfor
[Rhymney Valley] Galleries, sketchbook, FAQ, links profile and contact details for Welsh landscape artist.
Roberts, Joe
Graphic design and digital illustration. Provides a gallery of game art, book covers and photo manipulation.
Roberts, John G
As an International Award winning cartoonist, John's work is highly prized and has been published nationally. He has his own style of humour in the fields of cartooning, advertising, corporate illustration and on the spot caricaturing.
Robinson, Bryan J.
Abstract paintings and photographs.
Ronaldson, Wendy
[Lincolnshire] Offers original watercolour and acrylics paintings and botanical photography. Includes a list of exhibitions.
Sandys-Renton, Jayne
[West Sussex]. Expressive contemporary figurative painter, working on a large-scale based on photographs by other artists, in mixed media or oils. Includes profile, image galleries, resume and contact details.
Scott Wilkie, Pam
Profile, galleries and contact details for artist working in a variety of media.
Scott, Michelle
[West Sussex] Contemporary artist using gold leaf and reflective media to create distinctive paintings. Includes profile, gallery of works, poetry, exhibition lists, and contact form.
Sexty, Lou
[London] Abstract artist offers innovative contemporary art. Originals and prints available online.
Shoa, Nahem
[London] Work featuring studies on youth culture, and painting the styles and attitudes of a generation.
Simaku, Thoma
Classical music composer. Includes news and biography with information on works published.
Smith, Justine
[London] Featuring sculptures and three-dimensional works, typically covered in money or pages from comics, forming a visual pun.
Smith, Norman
Oxfordshire based artist. Gallery of paintings in oils and pastels.
Spring, Chris
[London] Artist, writer and ethnogropher specialising in African art and culture. A selection of his latest paintings and poems are presented.
Stuart, Mike
Paintings, sketches and music: contact details and guestbook. [Bristol]
Thompson, Brian
Watercolour paintings for sale. Also offers commissions from photographs and art classes. Located in Rochester, Kent.
Thompson, Eric
Landscape artist in watercolours. Gallery, biography and prints.
Tuck, Jo
Australian born water colour artist now living in London. Includes photo gallery and details of current exhibitions.
Vicary, Steve
[Shrewsbury] Painter: statement, biography, galleries and contact email.
Waite, Andy
[West Sussex] Artist offering expressionistic landscapes. Includes profile, galleries of paintings, and exhibition list.
Walton, Julia
Artists site including ideas based art projects, animation and illustration.
Welton, Peter
[Leicestershire] Limited-edition watercolour prints: landscapes, floral and sporting themes.
Wharton, Christian
[Lancashire] Watercolour landscapes featuring water in Britain and Bhutan.
Wheater, Richard William
Contemporary artist working in various media, with a fascination for glass and neon.
Wilkinson, Neil
Hand-painted landscape and children's murals, canvas and printed murals by travelling artist. Includes gallery, about and contact details.
Williamson, Simon P
Drawings, watercolours and oil paintings of people, landscapes and townscapes.
Willmot, Susan
Yorkshire artist inspired by local landscape, gardens, harbours and the Tees estuary. Includes portfolio of primarily oil paintings.
Wright, Peter
[Truro] Modern figurative art and large scale ceramics: galleries, interview and contact details.
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