Award-winning Channel 4 archaeological series featuring Tony Robinson.

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Time Team
Official site with biographies, background, Time Team publications with online ordering, and forum.
Blooming with Time Team at Oakamoor
Jim Andrews of the Staffordshire Industrial Archaeological Society describes how he helped reconstruct a medieval bloomery at Oakamoor in July 2003.
Get Out of the Trench, Tony
Spoof dialogue from Planet Bods inspired by, and celebrating, the quirkiness of Time Team.
Internet Movie Database: Time Team (1994)
List of cast and crew and a review.
Northamptonshire Archaeological Society: Prebendal Manor House
Martin Tingle of describes his experience of digging for Time Team at Nassington in May 2003, with photographs.
Synchronicity - Flint and Phil Harding
Geoff Cooper describes a chance meeting with Time Team's Phil Harding and how it helped re-awaken his interest in Stone Age technology.
Time Team in Dorset
Celtic Connections Magazine invited Time Team to investigate the site of its headquarters in Dorset. Summary of the Team's discoveries in the late spring of 1999, with photograph.
Time Team in Fetlar
Fetlar Museum in Shetland gives a map and photographs of the Team's excavations 27-29 August 2002 of a Viking house in Houbie and Viking boat burial at Aith.
Time Team in Greenwich Park
Photographs taken during the excavation carried out by the Team in July 1999.
Wikipedia: Time Team
Article on the long-running TV series from this collaborative online encyclopaedia. Includes an episode listing and references.
The Guardian: Why I Love Phil Harding
Pete May explains the appeal of the digger with a feather in his hat. (March 10, 2004)
Dirt Brothers: Interview with Tim Taylor
Interview with the Time Team Executive Producer during the dig at Oakamoor, Staffordshire. The interview includes comments on the Big Dig and the planned American version of Time Team. (July 01, 2003)
Cannibals Discovered
Bristol University reports the gruesome contents of a cave at Alveston, found by Mark Horton and a caving group and investigated in an episode of Time Team. (March 07, 2001)
Time Team Returns to Coventry
Coventry City Council announces that Time Team has returned to film extra footage of new finds around Lady Godiva's demolished cathedral. (January 12, 2001)
Trench Warfare
A lively review of Time Team, comparing it favourably with Meet the Ancestors, by Cheryl Morgan in her occasional magazine Emerald City. (February 01, 1999)
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