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The Belgrade Aviation Museum
Numerous military and civilian aircraft surround the mushroom - along with radars and other wonders of aviation technology - clearly indicating to visitors that they have arrived at an Aviation Museum.
Belgrade City Museum
Belgrade City Museum is a complex museum, with the main task to study archaeology, history, art and culture of the city, based on the collection of objects and information.
Belgrade Fortress
The company runs the operations of common concern for the City of Belgrade in the domain of arts and literary work and arts performance, works of galleries and museums, entertainment, and publishing industry.
Ethnographic Museum in Belgrade
Ethnographic Museum exists for more than a century as an important ethnological institution studying into detail traditional culture.
Historical Museum of Serbia
According to its concept, the Museum’s primary mission is to collect, register, preserve, handle, study and exhibit the materials related to the Serbian people and Serbia from ancient times to the present.
Museum Night
The biggest cultural manifestation in Serbia, Museum Night, took place in 23 cities at more than 150 locations.
Museum of African Art
The Museum of African Art is the one and only museum in the region of South East Europe that is wholly dedicated to the arts and cultures of the African continent.
Museum of Applied Art
The main activity of the Museum is systematic collecting, protecting, studying, exhibiting and publishing works of applied art.
Museum of Contemporary Art
The mission of the Museum is to collect, preserve and systematically research work of art produced in Yugoslavia since 1900 to the present.
Museum of Science and Technology
The main goal of the Museum is the protection of the scientific and technological heritage of Serbia.
National Museum in Belgrade
The National Museum in Belgrade, museum of a complex type, the most significant, the oldest and central Serbian museum. Has 34 archeological, numismatic, artistic and historical collections today.
The Natural History Museum
This is the only museum of its kind in Serbia, and the richness and diversity of specimens, as well as the achieved results in museology and science, make it one of the leading natural history museums in southeastern Europe.
Nikola Tesla Museum
Presentation of the museum, displays and a description of the most important exhibits.
PTT Museum
Museum deals with the collection, study, protection and exhibition of objects and documents related to the operation and development of PTT communications.
Railway Museum
The museum can proudly present the great number of very rare items, books and great number of archival collections. The museum possesses very interesting models, model dummies, objects and miniatures.
Yugoslav Film Archive
National film library of the Republic of Serbia, founded in 1949 as The Central Film Archives of the Yugoslav Film Library.

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