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Offers adventure tours in Siberia and the Far East. Description of services, company information.
Local guide Jack Sheremetoff, MA offers tours to Baikal. Description of tour, information about the region.
Dersu Uzala
Organizes ecotours which support Russian nature reserves and local communities. Description of services, contact information.
Ecological Travels Centre
Offers ecotours: expeditions, bird watching, wildlife viewing, rafting, mountaineering, horseback riding, filming and others. Description of services, company and contact information.
Exeter International
Organizing group and private tours to Russia and Eastern Europe.
FOS Tours & Travel Inc.
Provides escorted group travel, independent tours and customized itineraries to Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Baltics and Scandinavia. Description of services, booking request form, contact information.
The Geographic Bureau
Organizes trips throughout the former Soviet Union, and specializes in the Caucasus and Mount Elbrus ascents.
GW Travel Ltd
Offering guided hotel on wheels train travel on Russian rail routes. Details of forthcoming tours and contact information.
Irkutsk Baikal Travel Inc.
Offers individual and group tours, adventure tours, other travel services. Description of services, contact information.
Lost World Tours
Offers adventure tours to Kamchatka. Description of services, company information, information about the region.
Specializes in managing the requirements of business and leisure travelers within the former USSR.
Red Star Travel
Tour operator and travel agency providing travel services to Russia, including visa processing and visa support letter
Russia Experience
Train travel and ecotourism trips in Siberia and Mongolia - including trekking and nature-study at Lake Baikal, and nomad trips in Mongolia.
Russian Cycle Touring Club
Adventure bicycle tours in Russia. Information about cycle touring in Russia. Supporting travelers.
Russian National Group
Offers travel and visa services to Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and other CIS countries. Description of services, company information, information for tourists.
Sokol Tours
Offers adventure and regular tours in Russia and Central Asia, including bookings for transport and accommodations, visa support, and a range of travel packages. Description of services, company and contact information.
Offers private, package and conference tours, visa services, and freight forwarding for Russia. Description of services, contact information.
Travel Russia
Offers tours to many cities and regions in Russia. Descriptions of tours, company information,
Wild Russia
Organise mountain and adventure expeditions; guided ascents on Mt.Elbrus, wildlife safaris on Kamchatka and horseback trekking to the center of Siberia.

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