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1917 Russian Elections
Election results from various bodies during the Russian Revolution.
1917 Russian Revolution
Gallery of photographs taken in Petrograd (St. Petersburg) during the 1917 Russian revolution.
The Balance Sheet of October
A long essay from a Trotskyist viewpoint.
Bolsheviks in the Russian revolution - how the revolution degenerated
Articles by Avrich, Rosenberg, Koenker and other social historians on the Bolsheviks and the degeneration of the Russian revolution
Bolshevism, Fraudulent Practice of Democratic Centralism
A Marxist critque of Bolshevism and the Bolsheviks use of Democratic Centralism, by Albert Weisbord.
The Crisis in Russia (1920)
British reporter Arthur Ransome's detailed analysis and explanation of the new Soviet regime, written a year after his book "Russia in 1919".
Documents on US Foreign Policy in Russia
Documents on US Foreign Policy in Soviet Russia, 1918.
The Masks and Ignorance of Bolshevism
A Marxist critque of Bolshevism and the Bolsheviks by Albert Weisbord.
My Disillusionment in Russia
Anarchist Emma Goldman writes of her experiences in revolutionary Russia.
North Russian Expeditionary Force 1919
Accounts of the Allied force in North Russia fighting the Bolsheviks around the Dvina River 1919. Taken from the accounts of a Royal Navy Signalman, complete with many photographs
The Path to Revolution
Dateline presented by the Russian National Tourist Office.
Quotes from the Russian Revolution
A couple of quotes from Lenin, Kolchak, Shingarev, and others.
Russia in 1919
Arthur Ransome describes the economic, social and political situation in Russia from February to March, 1919.
Russian Civil War
Reviews the conflict between Red and White forces from 1918 to 1922. Details of all defense and offensive operations with map.
The Russian Revolution
Collection of organized links on the historical event.
The Russian Revolution - Rosa Luxemburg
Contemporary essay on the revolution and its problems by German Marxist Rosa Luxemburg.
Soviet Documents on Foreign Policy
Documents from 1917-1920 covering Soviet policies towards Germany, Romania, China, peace, foreign internvention, economics and other topics.
Was Stalinism implicit in October?
A Green view on the Bolshevik Revolution.

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