Dutch Embassies and Consulates in other countries than The Netherlands.

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Angola - Luanda
Includes contact details for the Royal Netherlands Embassy in Luanda.
Royal Netherlands Embassy in Canberra, and consulates in Adelaide, Brisbane, Hobart, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney and Port Moresby. Includes a statement on taxation of Holocaust restitution payments made to Dutch citizens. In English and Dutch.
Bangladesh - Dhaka
Contains details on consular, commercial and development affairs, and information on the Royal Netherlands Embassy in Bangladesh.
Canada - Montreal
Consulate General of the Netherlands in Montreal, with jurisdiction in Quebec (except the counties of Gatineau and Hull), New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Labrador, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.
China - Beijing
Includes information on the Royal Netherlands Embassy in Beijing, and on the Consulates General of the Netherlands in Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hongkong. Also has information on doing business and a picture gallery. In English, Chinese and Dutch.
Czech Republic - Prague
Royal Netherlands Embassy in Prague. Contains information on consular matters, with contact details, opening hours, and staff list, plus visa requirements, country data, and related links.
Denmark - Copenhagen
Royal Netherlands Embassy in Copenhagen. Includes events, travel information, contact details, and facts about The Netherlands Society in Denmark. In Dutch and English.
Estonia - Tallinn
Royal Netherlands Embassy in Tallinn. Has general information on the Netherlands, on quarantine regulations, and on the divisions of the embassy.
Greece - Athens
Royal Netherlands Embassy in Greece. Includes information on a variety of Dutch matters including windmills, tulips and Anne Frank.
Hungary - Budapest
Features news, information about the Netherlands and the Royal Netherlands Embassy in Budapest, and operations of the consular department and visas.
Ireland - Dublin
Royal Netherlands Embassy in Dublin, including information on culture, education, and science.
Israel - Tel Aviv
News and governmental and consular information from the Royal Netherlands Embassy in Tel Aviv. In English and Dutch.
Japan - Tokyo
Royal Netherlands Embassy in Tokyo, featuring lists of the duties and staff of the political, economic, cultural, consular, agricultural, and science departments, and about the Consulate General of the Netherlands in Osaka-Kobe.
Kenya - Nairobi
Royal Netherlands Embassy Nairobi. Contains information on visa applications, student fellowships, development cooperation, and culture and sports.
Latvia - Riga
Netherlands Embassy in Riga, with a description of the embassy, information about bilateral assistance and relations, details of consular affairs, and about the restitution of art objects lost during WW2.
Macedonia - Skopje
Describes the general principles of Dutch foreign policy, and also the small projects supported by the Royal Netherlands Embassy in Skopje.
New Zealand - Wellington
Royal Netherlands Embassy in Wellington, accredited to, or with consular responsibility for, New Zealand, Fiji, Kiribati, Samoa, Tonga, Tuvalu, American Samoa, Cook-islands, French Polynesia (Tahiti), New Caledonia, Wallis and Futuna-islands, Niue, Pitcairn and Tokelau. Contains details on events, scholarships, consular affairs, and contact information.
Norway - Oslo
Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Oslo. Includes contact information for the consulates in Bergen, Bod, Drammen, Fredrikstad, Hammerfest, Kristiansand-S, Larvik, Stavanger, Troms, Trondheim, and the Consulate-General in Reykjavik.
Palestinian Territory
Representative Office of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to the Palestinian Authority, listing staff and development assistance.
Poland - Warsaw
Contains contact details for the Royal Netherlands Embassy in Warsaw, and the Honorary Consul in Wrocław, Gdańsk, Poznań, and Minsk, and also information about the Netherlands and bilateral relations.
Romania, Bulgaria, and Greece
Royal Netherlands Embassy in Bucharest, the Defence Attaché of which is accredited to Romania and Bulgaria, the Agricultural Attaché representing the Netherlands in Romania, Bulgaria and Greece.
Russia - Moscow
Royal Netherlands Embassy in Moscow, with links, consular and political affairs, alumni associations, and contact information.
Saudi Arabia - Riyadh
Royal Netherlands Embassy in Riyadh, the agricultural office of which covers Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and Yemen. In English, Dutch and Arabic.
Serbia - Belgrade
Royal Netherlands Embassy in Belgrade. Offers information about the embassy and its activities.
Royal Netherlands Embassy in Singapore, featuring a list of Dutch companies in the island state.
South Africa - Pretoria
Has information from the Royal Netherlands Embassy on the Netherlands Fellowship Programme, and on consular matters and about the Dutch community in South Africa. Also charged with the furthering of the diplomatic interests of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, and in charge of the consular interests of Suriname in South Africa. In English and Dutch.
South Korea - Seoul
With information on the Royal Netherlands Embassy at Seoul, consular affairs section, and guide to Holland.
Sweden - Stockholm
Royal Netherlands Embassy in Stockholm. Features information about the embassy's operations and visa-related forms.
Taiwan - Taipei
Netherlands Trade and Investment Office, the representative of the Dutch government in Taiwan, handling both visa and trade enquiries.
Turkey - Ankara
With information about the Royal Netherlands Embassy in Ankara, the Consul General in Istanbul, and the Honorary Consuls in Izmir, Antalya, and Iskenderun, and about the services provided.
United Arab Emirates - Abu Dhabi and Dubai
Royal Netherlands Embassy in Abu Dhabi and Consulate General in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Includes information about the ambassador, defence attaché, trade, education, tourism and visas.
United Kingdom - London
Royal Netherlands Embassy in London. Includes information on consular affairs, visiting, and conducting business with the Netherlands.
United States - San Francisco
Consulate General offering information about a variety of subjects for Dutch and foreign nationals in the US.
United States - Washington DC
Royal Netherlands Embassy in Washington DC, with links to the Consulates General in New York, Chicago, Miami, and Los Angeles.

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