This category is for personal homepages about people in Germany. If your site is specific to a German town, then please submit to the locality.

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Computer science student. Information on his Web-based projects
Der Bayrische Hund
Brutus' adventures in Germany plus some of the adventures of his family.
Elsie, Robert
Writer, interpreter, and specialist in Albanian studies. Includes personal and contact information, biography and publications.
Fischer, Christoph
Christoph "Toph" Fischer's news, photos, publications and thoughts.
Hildebrandt, Roger A.
Policy advisor. Site is in German and English, and includes picture, CV and description of his work.
Jan Pohlmann
UX designer based in Muenster. Has a passion for good design, usability and information architecture.
Jens Arnold
Personal profile and photos of student of Economics at the University of Mannheim.
Jerzak, Zbigniew
Extensive photo gallery, list of publications and other computer science related material.
Jpoc's Guide
Information about traveling and day-to-day practicalities in Germany.
Kelly, Alive and Kell
Travel Blog by an American student studying in Mannheim, Germany. Food, culture, and language demonstrated through personal stories, lists, and photography.
The Long Hair Site
Find a photograph gallery, hair care advice, interviews and articles from the resource devoted to encouraging women to wear their hair long.
Malayalee Community Page
Links, events of interest to the Malayalee community and general information.
Meyer, Lars
Clinical Linguist, PhD-student in neurolinguistics with CV and some thoughts., David and Amanda Knapp
Exploring German culture, food and scenery.
Penoga Cats
One person's obsession with cats.
Peter Veit and Sabrina Gruenecker
Photograph snapshots, mini-biography and academic backgrounds. Directory of online selections. (German/English)
Preibusch, Sören
Curriculum Vitae, projects, published papers and software.
Purucker, Erwin - Omnium Gatherum
Collection of information, pictures, links on variety of subjects.
Reigber, Andreas
Information on work/research, personal information, photos and CV.
Schuchmann, Felix
Web-engineer, nerd and founder of
Schäfer, Christian
About his research in Darmstadt and at University of Maryland on drop impact on rough surfaces and micro ball bearings.
Stretz, Malte
Geek code, PGP keys and contact information.
Tim J. Peters
Frankfurt-based Interactive Media Architect, Designer & Developer with the urge to make the world a better place.
Tobias Prinz
Graduated mathematician, busy as a regional sales manager.
Veit's Homepage
Infos about the author, hitchhiking, Mark Twain, German local politics and traveling.

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