Contains sites devoted to the history and etymology of a particular surname and its spelling variations, as opposed to sites devoted to the genealogy and history of individual or family lineages.

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Netherlands/Germany; descendants of Joannes Henricus Brefeld, b. circa 1790 in Kloster, Westphalia, Germany.
Information including reunion planning for decedents of Heinrich Bünting and Ollie Hanssen, mostly living in the midwest United States.
Eshbach Eschbach Family Tree
Genealogical research on the Eshbach Eschbach Eschbacher surnames in Germany.
The Frey Family
A search for the ancestors and descendants of Adam Frey from Bingen-am-Rhein, Germany to Wayne County, New York.
Genealogy in Westprussia
Genealogy of the Bomke, Stoyke, Schiemann, and Schmidt families.
Genealogy Page of Manfred Härtel
Includes a family tree with ancestors mainly from southern Hesse.
A DNA surname project focused on enumerating Gerber families of the world and helping to find relatives.
German Ostertag association
Researching Ostertag worldwide.
Goethert Research
Attempts to find other Goetherts (Götherts) families throughout the world.
The Gottlieb Bartz Families
Features the descendants of Gottlieb Bartz and his wife Pauline (Reich).
Grunwald Surname
Dedicated to bringing the worldwide Grunwald family together and providing contact, support and chance to find lost ancestors and relatives.
Gueinzius Genealogy
Information on the surnames Gueinzius and Weintz.
Göran Enderlein's Place
Researching the surname Enderlein.
Henken Family Genealogy
Including research on surnames Henken, Georgino, Haverstrom, Johanns, Schroeder, Poschmann, Massetti, Rosener, Behr, Kuhlmann, and Muermann.
Information about the name Irmer. Links to Irmer sites and general genealogical sites.
Kastler Genealogy
Database of several Kastler families from around the world, plus many individuals not yet linked to any family. Please submit your Kastler family history and help others.
The Kettwig Families
Information about the Kettwig and Kettwich families. Most families can be found in East Frisia (Germany) and the United States.
Keyserlingk Family
Brings together information on 23 generations of the Keyserlingk family, including the Baron and Count branches. It also allows for searches on the family tree and building relationship trees. It contains family history as well as information on family reunions.
Korndorfer Family Worldwide
Visit the Korndörfer homepage for more information on this surname, the coat of arms, links, databases and the names of most of the Korndörfer emigrées that left Germany for either Brazil, USA or the Netherlands.
Site for Musburger family research.
Genealogy of Ohmann Family from Reinshagen, Mecklenburg, Germany to New York State.
Origin of Names
Babensee, Bevency, Bebensee, an accurate origin of the name provides professional confirmation translation by University Professor of Old Saxon and Germanic languages.
Orth Family History
family history of Johann Peter Orth, born in Fürstengrund, Hessen, Germany, in 1818, and died in Wallace Township (Kurtzville), Perth County, Ontario, Canada in 1893.
Quade - Kwaad
Gives information on the possible origin and meaning of the surname Quade.
R Garbe
Describes German genealogy of R Garbe. Includes Florlauken, Kosmidry, Bursian, Knorn, Augstein, Alt Ristow, Bernburg, Thielemann, Krieg, Knoblauch, and Knoefler.
Information on the various Schrank families of Pomerania and surrounding areas (including Brandenburg, Mecklenburg, West Prussia and Posen).
Schwiesow Family Reunion
Site is devoted to Schwiesow family history.
Von der Kammer
28 Generations of the Von der Kammer family. Includes different branches as well as noble lines.
The Wolpert Connection
Dedicated to the research of Wolpert and related surname genealogy, including Smith, Kincaid, Harper, Dunkle, Allandar, Wassmer from Germany.
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