Revolutionary government formed in Paris in 1871.

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CLR James on the Paris Commune
Appeared under a pseudonym in the 18 March 1946 issue of Labor Action, newspaper of the Workers Party of the United States.
English Historical Review: The Paris Commune, 1871
John M. Roberts reviews the book by Robert Tombs in the February 2001 issue. Requires a subscription or payment to view.
Franco Prussian War and the Paris Commune
Background information as well as a guide to documents held by the British Library.
History of the Paris Commune
History of the first workers government ever created. Timeline of events, image gallery, overview of how the Commune operated and works on the Paris Commune by Karl Marx, Jenny Marx and Henri Lissagaray.
Last Stand of the Paris Commune
Article published in Metropole Paris.
Lessons of the Paris Commune
February 1921 article by Leon Trotsky.
Martyrs of the Paris Commune
Article from the Catholic Encyclopedia on the priests who were killed in Paris in May 1871.
Northwestern University Library: The Siege and Commune of Paris
The McCormick Library collection of 1200 pictures and numerous documents related to the Prussian siege and the civic unrest of 1870-1.
One Day Under the Paris Commune, 1871
Contemporary article written by a journalist who was in Paris during the uprising.
Paris Commune
March 1998 article from La Forge, organ of the Communist Party of the Workers of France.
The Paris Commune
Anarchist essay and critique of Karl Marx's views on the Paris Commune.
The Paris Commune (1871)
Article from the Workers Solidarity Movement.
Paris Commune Archive
Contemporary articles and documents, analysis, bibliography and images from the Commune.
Paris Commune: Myth vs. Reality
Anarchist critique of Marxist views on the Paris Commune.
Theses on the Paris Commune (Debord, Kotanyi & Vaneigem)
Situationist theses on the Paris Commune of 1871
Wikipedia: Paris Commune
Article on the revolutionary government formed in Paris in 1871.
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