Sites that offer information on French Surnames, with Genealogy information. Sites are not completely in French but have English translations or are English/French.

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Amirault - Mireault Genealogy
The genealogy of over 10,000 Mireault, Amirault, Amireau, Amireault, Amero, Amiro, Mireau, Mero, Mirault and Merrow descendants. Documents, photos, headstones.
Baillargeon Ohmann Ancestors
Genealogy, graves and information on Baillargeon Families
A French-Canadian surname site, focusing mainly on the surname Blais; also includes surnames Chartier, Letourneau, Plante, Cloutier, Caron, Charron, Belanger, Gagnon, Morin, Bouchard, Boucher, and Fortin.
Borgognon Family
The Borgognon family website is a resource for families with this name, and its derivatives, in Italy, France and the UK.
Caveys' Family World Wide Society
Organization for members of the Cavey family tree. Genealogy and membership information.
Charbonneau Family
Photos and a history of the Charbonneau family. Members of the family have lived in Quebec, Vermont, South Dakota, and Wisconsin.
Danis Family History
Family history of the Danis family. Includes French, French Canadian, Arcadien, and American lines.
David Legacy
Genealogy information, news, marriages, and reunions for the David families of France, Canada, Mississippi, and Louisiana. Also research on the surnames Menard, Destroismaison, and Marchand.
Descendants of Nicholas Jacques and Marie Soyer
Family genealogy site with information about Jacques and Mayotte families and related families. Best viewed in Internet Explorer.
Durand Heritage Foundation
For the descendants of Jean Durand, a French Canadian with hundreds of thousands of descendants in Canada and the United States.
Resource for Franco-American and Franco-Canadian genealogy, for those whose ancestors have French names or come from France, Quebec, Acadia, and other French speaking areas. Includes references, links, and tips on searching for information. Formerly known as the Genealogy Pages of Denis Beauregard at
Genealogy of Bertrand Chesnay of Lagarenne
Descendants of Bertrand Chesnay of Lagarenne, February 1622 - 17 Jan 1683. Variations of his surname include Cheney, Chenez, Chénier, Chesné, Chesney, Chesnier and Shaney.
Massicotte Organization
Genealogy site dedicated to Jacques Massicot (1661-1738), the son of Jacques Massicot and Jeanne Landry. It also contains information about the Massicotte Association of America (Quebec).
List of surnames from Alsace Lorraine France to Southwest Ohio.
My Family's Heart Genealogy
French surnames: Gauthier, Merpaw/Morpaw/Merpeau, Tetreault.
Pascal-Herve Schauber's Homepage
Schauber surname genealogy, genealogy in Moselle, Lorraine, France.
Pasteur genealogy / Généalogie des Pasteur
Genealogy of the Pasteur families in France, Switzerland and North America / Généalogie des familles Pasteur en France, en Suisse et en Amérique du Nord
Picard Family Memories
A collection of family photos. Surnames Picard, Turcotte, Bosse, Pare, Bussiere and Huntley. There is also the Picard family tree from Auguste Picard to the present.
Pilon Family Archives
Pilon name history and genealogy. Contains marriage contracts, birth and marriage records, name origin, photos, statistics, maps, plus the earliest known Pilons.
Portal of the Milliès-Lacroix Family
Genealogy information for the Milliès-Lacroix, Milliès, Billiès family, and the de La Rochefoucauld, de La Rochefoucauld de Roye, and Séguéla surnames. Family History
Genealogy and history of the Sublett / Sublette / Soblet name in North America, descended from French Huguenot Abraham Soblet. Many links and message board.
Villejoin Family Tree
Villejoin, Villejouint, and Villejoint family tree links.
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