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Continuity of the Tartu Peace Treaty
Article that analyzes the continuity of the Tartu Peace Treaty of 2 February 1920, in relation to the Estonian–Russian Border Treaties of 18 May 2005, and the legal debate about Estonia’s status in international law.
Estonia Ferry Disaster
Report on the disaster by the German Group of Experts. Full text of the report and update of new findings.
Estonian International Commission for Investigation of Crimes Against Humanity
Investigation of crimes against humanity committed against Estonian citizens or on the territory of the Republic of Estonia during the occupation by the Soviet Union and the Nazi Germany.
Estonian Swedes - Wikipedia
History of the Estonian Swedes. They resided in the coastal areas and on the Estonian islands prior to the end of the second world war when most fled to Sweden to escape Soviet occupation.
Estonian War of Independence - Wikipedia
Article about the war in which Estonia, defeated communist Russia and became independence.
Felix Kersten - Wikipedia
A Baltic German born in Estonia who used his position as the personal masseur of Heinrich Himmler to help those who were persecuted by Nazi Germany.
Fog in the Baltic - The Economist
Estonia arrested Herman Simm, an official a inside the Estonian defense ministry responsible for handling state secrets, but who was in fact a Russian spy.
History of Estonia
History, Geography, and diaspora information
History of Estonia - WHKMLA
Historical overview broken down by time period. Extensive list of links to reference material about the country.
History of Estonia - Wikipedia
A comprehensive article covering the history of Estonia from the Mesolithic period to the present.
MS Estonia - Wikipedia
Article about the sinking, rescue efforts and causes of the maritime disaster on September 28th, 1994 which left 852 dead.
Treaty of Peace between Russia and Estonia - Wikisource
English translation of the full text of the Tartu Peace Treaty.
The TU2-pages
History of the fleet of TU2 locomotives that ran on the extensive narrow gauge rail network that used to exist in Estonia.
Correspondent's diary - Edward Lucas
A week in Estonia by Economist correspondent, Edward Lucas, during which he discusses current events, including relations with Russia and the economic turmoil of 2008. (November 17, 2008)
Behind Putin's Estonia Complex - IntelliBriefs
An article that analyzes some of the possible reasons behind Putin's anti-Estonian anger. (May 25, 2007)
Frost Over The World - Toomas Hendrik Ilves
Frost interviews Estonian president Ilves about the cyberattacks on Estonia after April 2007. (May 25, 2007)
Russia: Monument Dispute With Estonia Gets Dirty - RFE/RL
Article about Russian reprisals against Estonia for having moved a memorial to Soviet soldiers. Including economic reprisals, the cyberattacks on Estonian websites, and disruptions of the Estonian embassy in Moscow by pro-Kremlin Nashi youth. (May 04, 2007)

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