This category contains sites in the English language that relate to Põlvamaa. Põlvamaa is a county (Estonian: maakond sg.) located in south-eastern Estonia, just south of Tartumaa and west of Lake Peipsi. It has a population of approximately 32,000 inhabitants and the capital is Põlva (linn). The county is subdivided into 14 municipalities:
  • 1 urban municipality (Estonian: linn sg.): Põlva (linn).
  • 13 rural municipalities (Estonian: vallad pl.): Ahja, Kanepi, Kõlleste, Laheda, Mikitamäe, Mooste, Orava, Põlva (vald), Räpina, Valgjärve, Vastse-Kuuste, Veriora, and Värska.

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A&H Ristpalkmajad
Producer and installer of customized log buildings. Also makes wooden garden furniture. Photos of past jobs. [Estonian, English, and others]
Ala Juusa Resting House
Located in Kõlleste on a lake shore, near hiking trails. [Estonian, English]
Canter Villa Loss
A manor turned into a hotel. Includes a restaurant, spa facilities and a pond for trout fishing. [English, Estonian, Russian, Finnish]
Elmar’s Cottage
A countryside holiday cottage. Located in Kanepi rural municipality. [Estonian, English]
Offers a house in a forested area on the shore of a lake. Local activities and pricelist. [Estonian, English, Russian]
Hotel Räpina
Price list and photo gallery. Also offers rooms for people with disabilities or allergies. Restaurant Kiudoski is part of the hotel. [Estonian, English, and others] - Weather in Põlva
Current and predicted weather conditions. Plus webcam. - Weather in Räpina
Current and predicted weather conditions. Plus webcam.
Jaaniraotu Farm
Birds park, timber houses and gardening. Photos. [Estonian, English, Russian]
Website of Hotel Pesa, Timmo Stables and Kassioru Holiday House. Locations, prices, descriptions, reservation and contact info. The hotel has a restaurant and pub. [Estonian, English, Finnish, German]
A non-profit, artist run project located in Mooste, for the creation and exchange of art. [Estonian, English]
Mooste Manor Guesthouse
A manor complex turned into a guesthouse. Photos, prices and contact information. [Estonian, English, Finnish, Italian]
Piiriveere Liider
Borderlands Leader. Aims to improve living conditions along the south-eastern border of Estonia.
Official site of the city. General information, history, education, culture, sports, entrepreneurship and tourism. [Estonian, English]
Official site. County, local government and tourist information. [Estonian, English, Russian, German]
Operates a hostel, youth camp and health sport center near Taevaskoda. [Estonian, English]
Tammekännu Leisure Center
Outdoor activities, canoe trips, archery, day excursions for families. [Estonian, English, Russian]
Organizes canoe trips on the Ahja, Võhandu and Emajõgi rivers. Offers some canoeing preparation, steering and safety tips. [Estonian, English, German]

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