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Includes industries and companies engaged in transforming livestock or agricultural products into products for intermediate or final consumption. Also included are manufacturers and distributors of food and beverage processing supplies and equipment, wholesalers, and services supporting industries in this sector, which include consulting, employment, marketing, associations, etc. Professional and industrial resources are also included.

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Akbar Brothers Ltd.
Exporter and packer of Ceylon tea in bulk, packets, teabags, and gift packs. Offices located in Sri Lanka.
Almar Teas
Exporter of pure Ceylon tea and flavoured tea in bulk, packets, and bags.
Battler Tea
Exporter of Ceylon tea and flavoured tea in bulk, packets, and bags.
Cargills (Ceylon) Limited
Manufacturer of meat products, ice cream and processed foods. Also operates supermarkets, retail outlets and restaurants throughout the Island.
Ceylon Biscuits Ltd
Manufacturer and exporter of biscuits, chocolates and soya products.
Ceylon Tea Exotica
Exporter of tea in bulk, packets, bags, and gift packs.
CIC Agri Businesses (Private) Limited
Agriculture company manages its own farm land, works directly with rural farmers and produces a variety of products like seed paddy, rice, fruits, vegetables, eggs, yoghurt and curd.
Distilleries Company of Sri Lanka Limited
Distillation, manufacture, marketing and distribution of liquor products local and overseas.
Edinborough Products (Pvt) Limited
Manufacturing and marketing a range of food products including jams, cordials, sauces and chutneys. Products are developed with inputs of professional chefs.
EOAS Organics
Distillers and exporters of traditional and organic essential oils and spices.
Eswaran Brothers Tea Exporters
Carbon neutral certified tea company providing a total tea solution worldwide.
Impra Tea
Blended Ceylon tea in different packaging, and operates a worldwide distributor network to export loose tea, tea bags, envelopes, pot bags, gift sets, flavoured tea and bulk tea.
Produces strawberries year round adopting best agricultural practices.
Kas & Kami International
Exporter of Ceylon tea in flavoured varieties in bulk, packets and bags.
Kelani Valley Canneries
Manufacturer and exporter of processed tropical fruits and vegetables.
Maliban Biscuit Manufactories Limited
Biscuit and cookie manufacturer with over fifty years of experience in creating snacks.
MAS Foods
Food processing company manufacturing a wide variety of food products and ingredients, ranging for spices, seasonings and coconut milk, to pastas and retorted foods.
Millennium Teas (Pvt) Ltd
Exporters and producers of tea in bulk, packets and bags. Product descriptions and a section on tea and health.
Olinda Tea Company
Exporters of black tea in bulk, packs and bags for brands or private labels.
Quik Pak
Manufacturer of multiwall paper sacks for packaging of tea, flour, desiccated coconuts, spices, and minerals. Sacks are eco friendly, recyclable and biodegradable.
Wichy Plantation Company
Producers of biscuits and cookies; growing and distilling of lemon grass oil; manufacturer of tea, spices and coconut products - canned coconut milk. Products are in demand in the European and Asian markets.
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