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BBC Radio 3: On Location in North Korea
Listen to this BBC radio documentary recorded in North Korea and view photos of host Andy Kershaw's visit to the country.
Ethnologue - Languages of North Korea
Information about the living languages of the country including population, region, classification, dialects and alternate names.
Stories from the People's Paradise, North Korea
Journalist Ron Gluckman reports on slices of life in North Korea: the 1966 soccer squad that nearly reached the World Cup finals, a museum of lavish birthday gifts to former leader Kim Il Sung, stories of defectors, a train trip to Pyongyang, a visit to the DMZ, Pyongyang's only disco, the state film studio and North Korea's version of the Internet.
New YorkTimes - Views Show How North Korea Policy Spread Misery
Interviews with eight people who recently left North Korea paint a haunting portrait of desperation and political resentment. (June 10, 2010)
Los Angeles Times - North Korean Facade of Self-sufficiency Can't Hide Signs of Hunger
Despite efforts to put up a front, North Korea is spiraling down to another famine and mass starvation. (November 02, 2008)
Asia Times Online - North Korea's Antique Food Rationing
Describes the history and de facto collapse of the North Korean government's Public Distribution System (PDS) which rationed food for a majority of its people. (January 15, 2005)
BBC News - N Korea Envoys 'Smuggled Drugs'
Turkey deports two North Korean diplomats accused of smuggling amphetamine pills into the country. (December 09, 2004)
Asia Times - Cracks in North Korean 'Stalinism'
Documents how the major peculiarities of Stalinism are slowly disappearing from North Korea, and how the "Hermit Kingdom" is not as hermetic as the government would like. (December 07, 2004)
CNN Factsheet - One of the World's Most Secretive Nations
North Korea is one of the world's most authoritarian and secretive nations, with an economy in dire straits after decades of mismanagement. (April 23, 2004)

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