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Defining Japan's Role in the Post-Taliban World Order Tokyo's Path to Great Power Status
An essay addressing how Japan has responded and changed through the War on Terror.
Japanese Gun Control
An article in the Asia Pacific Law Review, analyzing Japanese gun control laws and history of firearms in Japan.
Maintaining Identities: Discourses of Homogeneity in a Rapidly Globalising Japan
Looks at the ideological tools that maintain the idea of Japan as a mono-cultural, homogeneous society and investigates multiculturalism and internationalization in Japan.
Media Intimidation in Japan: A Close Encounter with Hard Japanese Nationalism
Documents a close encounter with hard Japanese nationalism.
The Rise of Japan - The Vocabulary of Control
Examines a few social characteristics of Japanese.
The Japan Times - No-tell Love Hotels Cash In Catering to the Carnal
Describes the history, workings, and economics of Japan's love hotel industry. (October 16, 2007)
The Japan Times - Is 'Disability' Still a Dirty Word in Japan?
Describes how mainstream society is slowly opening up to the physically or mentally impaired. (August 26, 2006)
Asia Times Online - In Japan, The Crime Rate Also Rises
Examines Japan's rising crime rate, as well as various misconceptions about it. (August 28, 2004)
Christian Science Monitor - Japanese Man Publicly Fights Grope Charge
Documents how after women started speaking out, some men now fear false accusations of groping women on trains. Explores Japan's legal system and culture of losing face. (June 27, 2003)
Japan's Neo-Nationalism: The Role of the Hinomaru and Kimigayo Legislation
Essay on the growing friction in the Japanese government's directives to use wartime nationalist symbols to bolster student patriotism, and their possible connotations and effects. (July 01, 2001)
Robert Fulford's Column About Japanese Identity
Personal musings about how the Japanese identify themselves. (November 05, 1997)
New York Times - Outcast Status Worsens Pain of Japan's Disabled
Article on how severely disabled in Japan are often treated as something shameful and as social pariahs. (April 07, 1996)
Paving Over the Kansai - On Dango: The Famous "Yokosuka Navy Base Toilet Job"
Two short essays on Japanese construction, including the corruption among Japanese corporations and obstruction of US firms resulting in the fleecing of American taxpayers. (November 01, 1994)
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