This category is for sites in English related to Ainu culture in Japan, including its lifestyle, origins, history, language, and related topics.
Ainu - Spirit of a Northern People
Online exhibition of the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History exploring the ancient origin of the Ainu, their relations with the Japanese, and the Ainu cultural rebirth.
Ainu Language and Japan's Ancient History
Provides a series of documents on the language of this indigenous people as well as the culture of the Jomon period.
The Ainu Museum
Presents collections of cultural artifacts, performances of traditional dances and ceremonies, and demonstrations of folk arts. (Chinese, English, Japanese)
Ainu-English Word List
List of common Ainu words and their English translations.
Foundation for Research and Promotion on Ainu Culture (FRPAC)
Promotes research on the Ainu people, language, and culture, plus the dissemination of knowledge on Ainu traditions. Includes history of organization, events, and Ainu musical samples.
John Bachelor
Life story of John Batchelor (1854-1944), an English missionary who became the first westerner to learn the Ainu language, record its grammar in English, and make the Ainu known to the western world.
Literatures and Materials of Ainu Language: For Learners
Provides database of materials related to the Ainu Language and culture, including literature, video, audio, and weblinks.
NOVA Online - Island of the Spirits
Companion web site to the NOVA program which explores the Ainu people.
The Samurai and the Ainu
Brief discussion of racial differences from Science Frontiers October 1989.
Toward a Genuine Redress for an Unjust Past: The Nibutani Dam Case
Analysis of a case involving the right of the Ainu to be considered an indigenous people, and to enjoy the legal protection of their culture.

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