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Asuka Historical Museum
History and art of Asuka, the first Japanese capital (7th century). Virtual museum containing both text and photos. - Ancient Japan
Ancient Japan Haiku history and chronology.
Diaries of Court Ladies of Old Japan
Includes 3 diaries written by women aristocracy, created around 1000 AD.
East Asian History Sourcebook
Provides access to primary source texts from East Asian countries, particularly China, Japan, and Korea. Arranged by era from ancient history to post-World War II.
Edo Japan - A Virtual Tour
Take a tour through Tokyo during the period of the Tokugawa shoguns, and learn about the history of Japan's greatest city. Illustrated by ukiyo-e images, the text discusses the traditions that underlie Japanese culture.
History of Japan's Literature
Includes brief overviews of each period of Japanese literature from ancient times to present.
Japan Information Network - Todaiji Temple
Temple complex in Nara, Japan includes the largest wooden building in the world. View the Great Buddha housed inside and learn about the complex's history.
Japan of Today
Includes a brief history of Japan from ancient times through developments after 1945. Find geographical and topographical details as well.
Japanese Rice Culture - The Misunderstood Philosophy of the Agrarian Past
Essay on ancient rituals and peasant society practices that became part of Japanese traditional culture and still influence present day rural society.
Jo-Bo System of Heijo-Kyo, Ancient Japan
Brief discussion of ancient city planning, using Nara as the example. Illustrations of the original grid system and its remains.
Kaido: The Ancient Roads of Japan
A kids' information site from the Nagano Olympics, has basic information on the establishment and use of roads from c. 700.
Includes origins, history, and glossary of place names.
Women Warriors of Japan
Provides a history of women's role in Japanese martial arts from the ancient era until modern times.
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