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Active Translations
Translation between English and Japanese.
Aliseo Japan
Two freelance translators and interpreters specialized in Italian and Japanese. Offers technical and legal translation, website translation and editing/proofreading services.
Alt Japan, Inc.
Offers localization and technical translation services between English and Japanese. Based in Mitaka, Tokyo.
Arai Translation Services
Translation between English and Japanese.
Benesse Corporation
Engaged in language education, schooling for children, translation and interpretation, and home nursing care services.
Chandler Translations
Technical translation between English and Japanese.
Provides English to Japanese translation of websites, Japanese search engines submissions, and e-mail translations.
Offers to translate Japanese laws into English, with some summaries of laws to peruse.
e-TRANS Corporation
Translation and localization company with English to Japanese translation, localization, desktop publishing, and printing to marketing support specializing in the field of the aged or people with disabilities. Based in Izumi City, Osaka.
English/Japanese to German Translations
Translations of manuals and technical/commercial documentation, plus website translations.
English to Japanese technical translation.
Technical and business translation from Japanese to English.
Fulford Enterprises, Ltd
An outline of the language services provided and its major customers. Based in Tokyo.
A mailing list for professional translators working between the English and Japanese languages.
Honyaku Center Inc.
Offers general and technical translation between all major languages, and proof-reading.
Horn and Uchida Patent Translations
Specializing in patent applications, oppositions, office actions and litigation-related material in Japanese, English and German.
Japan Translation Center
Translation, interpreting and creative planning in various languages.
Translation, technical translation, localization, into and from Japanese, English and Chinese.
Translation and desktop publishing in Japanese, English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, and Dutch.
Kako Tanzawa
Provides professional Japanese-English interpreter services in Japan and Asia.
KBS Japan
Translation into and from all languages.
Kiko International
Kyoto based translation and interpretation in over 45 languages, tour guides, and proofreading services.
Lucky Warehouse Corporation
A bilingual software and network consulting company that translates software, websites, and documents as well as designs and manages IT networks. Based in Tokyo.
Translation and editing in 50 languages, writing, desktop publishing, and printing.
Language education, translation, interpreting, narration, web site production and DTP. Available in English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean and some European languages.
Translation, simultaneous and consecutive interpretation, and desktop publishing.
Prov Communications, Inc.
Translation, web site localization, advertising and document production in English and Japanese.
Purity Company
Provides online proofreading and translation (Japanese to/from English), EFL teaching, syllabus design and curriculum development services.
Translation, copy-writing, web site translation in various languages, specializing in English, Burmese and Japanese.
Smack Translations
Translation between Japanese and English.
Studio Rain
Offers technical translation and software development.
Offers general and technical translation in 30 languages, localization, and marketing. Based in Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo.
Takao Ueda
Translation, correction, and editing in Japanese and English.
English and Japanese translations. Software localization. DTP services.
TE Technical English Service
English-to-Japanese technical translation.
Telebusiness, Inc.
Technical translation between Japanese and English.
TIComNet International
Translation, dubbing, voice-over and narration in Japanese and English.
Translation, technical writing and multimedia in all major languages. Based in Tokyo.
Toshihiko Harada
An English to Japanese translator and financial planner living in Kumamoto, Japan. Rates and work samples.
Translation of technical documentation, localization and desktop publishing in English and Japanese.
Transpro Corporation
Document services and web site translation, Japanese, Chinese and English.
Transtech, Inc.
Technical translation between Japanese and English.
Yoshio Omata
Translation in Japanese-English. Group of translators based in Fukuoka.
Zenis Co., Ltd.
Osaka based general and technical translation between Japanese and English.

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