This category is for traditional Japanese goods, including antiques, that are for sale.

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2000 Cranes
Japanese ceramics from Kyoto. Carries works from a variety of potters.
Aikatazome Kobo Matsubara
Traditionally made aikatazome products, including kimonos, scarves, and purses.
Antique Art Rakunan
Dealer in Japanese hanging scrolls, Buddhist related paintings, and calligraphy scrolls. Located in Fushimi Town, in southern Kyoto.
Artistic Nippon
Chiba based dealer in items such as porcelain, pottery, Tokoname teapots, Cast iron kettles and lacquerware; offers worldwide shipping.
Existenz Co., Ltd
Traditional Japanese crafts and souvenirs in Japan including dolls, folding fans, decorations and utility goods.
Japanese items such as washi paper, kitchenware, kimonos, and home decorations. Company profile and product catalog.
Hakone Izumiya
Sells Japanese himitsu-bako secret trick puzzle boxes, yosegi-zaiku traditional handicrafts, dolls and goods unique to the Hakone area.
Hakone Maruyama Inc.
Maker of woodworks and other handcrafts in Hakone and Odawara.
Hanko and Kanji House Oren
Maker and vendor of Japanese name seals (hanko) and traditional music CDs.
Hisashi Otsuka
Classical Japanese artwork.
The Japanese Connection
Traditional Japanese arts and crafts, hanko, shoji screens, meditation candles, wood block prints, calligraphy brushes, yukata and kimono.
Japonica Co., Ltd.
Includes Japanese gifts, antiques, collectibles and kimono, as well as original printed kanji T-shirts. Based in Tokyo.
Jyuluck-Do Corporation
Online gallery shop for Japanese hanging scroll paintings (Kakejiku). Deals in both brand-new and antique scrolls.
Kimono Flea Market Ichiroya
Authentic old kimono direct from Japan; also information on wearing kimono and kimono care.
Kitsune Japanese Art and Antiques
Japanese art such as ceramics, netsuke, inro, okimono, swords, tsuba, lacquer, cloisonne, bronze, tansu, ukiyo-e, and Japanese art glossary.
Minamoto Kitchoan
Japanese confectioneries ("wagashi") for tea ceremony. Stores in Japan, New York, Singapore, and London.
The Netsuke Store
Netsuke of ivory, wood, and horn, inro, and curios.
Japanese antiques for interior designers and collectors including tansu chests, silk screens, antique baskets, scrolls and prints, and folk art.
Taniguchi Rare Antiques
Online dealer in traditional Japanese hanging scrolls, and paintings. Site in English and Japanese.
Usagiya Sword Shop
Saitama sword dealer with antique swords, tsuba, fittings and traditional polishing.
A Tokyo based dealer of Japanese traditional style items including cups, noren, lacquerware, ukiyo-e, and fans.
Washi Paper
Maker of traditional Japanese papers including washi, shoji, chigirie, unryu, and laminated strings for wrapping.
Zen Shop
Online shopping site dealing in various categories of Japanese fine arts and crafts including dolls, armor, kimono, ceramic ware, woodblock prints, hanging scrolls, and folding fans.
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