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1066 Catering
Information about catering services provided by 1066 Catering in Tokyo.
AmAsia Inc.
Facilitates international business via intercultural services and training, and also operates in the entertainment industry. Based in Aichi.
Arcadia-ex Co., Ltd.
Provides business concierge services and IT database consulting for foreign companies planning to launch their business market in Japan.
Avex Group
Management company for singers and entertainers and producer of related CDs and software as well as bars, concert establishments, and discoteques.
B-Cause, Inc.
Offers business outsourcing services, translation, market research, staff placement, and website localization. Based in Kyoto.
Bio Medical Laboratories (BML) Inc.
Provides clinical testing, medical information systems, food sanitation tests, clinical trials, and genome related analysis. Based in Tokyo.
Provides medically related testing services for hospitals. With history, profile, and corporate data.
Cambridge International Ltd.
Offers professional editing, rewriting and proofreading of technical English for research papers, theses, manuals, homepages, or translation.
Cosmo International Ltd.
Provides support for business visitors in Japan:respresentation, translation, mobile phone rental, Japanese business cards, and airport transportation.
Representing non-Japanese artists, illustrators, photographers, and art directors for work in the Japanese market place. Based in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo.
Owner of several hotels the Washington Hotel Chain, luxury and resort hotels, restaurant, banquet, and leisure facilities.
Gaga Communications Inc.
Active in the acquisition of visual contents rights in Japan of movies and TV series, distribution of movies to theatres and to video/DVDs, licensing of TV broadcasting rights to TV stations, and the distribution of contents on broadband networks.
GSC Limited
Offers computers, bilingual OS installations, telephones, video format conversion, software in English, and network setups.
Hirokawa Design House
Industrial design office for wheelchairs, house fittings, lamps, furniture, house design, medical devices and architecture.
Active in business and commerce services and related products, IT consulting, and other services.
Japan Drivers License
Offers services to more easily obtain a Japanese license, as well as information on traffic laws.
McEdit Editorial Services
Offers English and Japanese language editorial services.
Milai Corporation
Offering automobile concept design, physical prototyping and reverse engineering.
Promotes reliability of equipment and facilities through engineering, consulting, testing, and third party evaluation services.
Phoenix Associates
Offers business communications skills training and human resources development programs to multinational corporations with operations in Japan.
Power Graphixx
Design team from Tokyo working on printed media, web design and motion graphics such as ads, editorial designs, logos, cd sleeves, opening titles for TV, movies, and music videos.
Sarkar's Office Inc.
Offers business consulting, immigration and legal services.
Free-lance camera crew based in Yokohama.
Shinkawa Office Administrative Services in Japan
Assistance with setting up businesses including company registrations, taxes, visas, accounting and website domain name registrations.

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