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Arthritic Japan: The Slow Pace of Economic Reform
Essay investigating Japan's current recessions and lack of reforms, from the Japan Policy Research Institute.
BBC News: The Hidden Face of Japan's Recession
30 minute radio program on growing poverty in Japan: as recession bites, growing numbers of homeless and starving men are on the streets.
Bureaucratic Corruption in Japan
Essay delves into corruption in Japan's government ministries and police. Japan
Guide to business etiquette in Japan covering many aspects of doing business in Japan, including negotiating, entertaining, gift giving, and public behaviour.
Forbes: The Panic Spreads
Documents Japan's continuing economic decline and demonstrates Japan's industrial crisis is reaching Great Depression levels.
The Hidden Realities of Computer Industry in Japan
An online book from a long term Japanese computer engineer that while the products may be hi-tech, the industry in Japan is hopelessly backward.
J@pan Inc
Business magazine focusing on e-business, consumer products, and the changing economy.
Japan Economic Foundation
Homepage of JEF offering articles and back issues of the Journal of Japanese Trade and Industry.
JapanConsuming: Monthly Newsletter
Analysis and reporting of Japan's consumer and retail markets to help overseas companies gain access to the Japanese market.
NLI Research Institute
Publishes online studies and research on economic and socioeconomic affairs of Japan.
No More Games in Japan's Referee-Free Capitalism
Argues that legal reforms are also needed for Japan's economic woes to end, but current structural reforms may worsen the situation.
Japan's satellite cable broadband internet information site.
Saving Japan
A collection of essays by MIT economist Paul Krugman on the Japanese economy.
Weekly news and information about technology and e-business in Japan.
The Tokyo News
Japan news headlines, world news and financial markets. Links to newspapers, weather, travel, hotels and a map of Tokyo.
BBC News - Sony Plans Massive Job Cuts
The consumer electronics giant is to shed 13% of its workforce to combat its resurgent rivals and prop up profits. (October 28, 2003)
Making Some Sense of the Japanese Economy
Offers some thoughts on what has been happening and how economists have viewed Japan's continuing economic woes. (September 01, 2003)
The Social Contradictions of Japanese Capitalism
Behind Japan's economic crisis lurks a social one. From The Atlantic Monthly. (June 01, 1998)
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