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Alexander Capital Access
Provides an international IR consultant in Osaka, assisting Japanese companies and overseas investors.
Analytica Japan
A management consultancy active in Japanese financial research, focusing on bureaucratic policy objectives, financial regulation and behavior, and appropriate tactics and strategies for foreign company senior management.
Biolink International, Inc.
Consulting firm that provides specialized services to pharmaceutical firms, bio-venture firms in the pre-IPO and post-IPO stages, and technology-based firms.
Business Brain Showa Ota Inc.
Provides consultation services for company management and corporate development, as well as marketing, IT, security, and accounting. With profile, history, news, and shareholder information.
Corporate Directions, Inc
Offers management strategy planning and implementation, and information systems consulting, plus merger and acquisition strategy proposals.
Eric Perraudin Management Consultant
Consulting services for companies seeking to enter the Japanese market, invest in Japan or improve their Japan existing operations. Based in Tokyo.
Euroact Japan
Tokyo-based consulting firm, assisting companies on international strategy, searches for business partners, investments, and technology transfer.
Fujitsu Research Institute
Conducts economic investigations, research and development, and consulting work.
IC Net Limited
Services include policy advice, program management, project formulation, implementation and evaluation, application of participatory methods, training and networking for practitioners. Based in Saitama.
InfoCom Research, Inc
Activities include specialized research in the fields of information and communication, consulting, marketing activities relating to information and communication, and conducting regional IT studies and making proposals.
Intage, Inc.
Conducts IT-based marketing research and marketing oriented systems problem solving for distribution, business, and environment.
Site where Japanese and foreign companies can meet and do business. Includes an e-zine, seminars, online databases, and live consultants to assist companies seeking partners.
Japan Advisory Board
Acts as outside directors or advisory board members to a corporation's board of directors, giving overseas HQs insights on Japan-style business, general management, consulting and advisory services.
Japan Management Consulting Partnership
Offers management consulting services to companies investing in Japan, entering Japan or seeking to improve their Japan operations.
Japan Market Intelligence (JMI)
Market research and consulting company, with special focus on driving business success in Japan.
Japan Trends Kilian-Nakamura
Market research and business development in Japan and Germany. With profile and projects.
L'e Biz Consulting
Fashion and apparel consulting in Tokyo with market surveys, meetings with prospective retailers, and distribution control.
NinePoint Co., Ltd.
Offers human resource consulting and advisory services to foreign capital firms operating in Japan.
Nishinihon Institute of Technology
Contributes to research in regional development, including ecological design and community growth.
No Limits
Specializes in improving corporate and university communications.
Nomura Research Institute
Provides research, consulting, database management and analysis for macro and micro-economic issues, as well as planning, development and operation of information systems.
Office Tomisaka
A labor consultant for foreign employers to maintain smooth personnel and employment management. Based in Tokyo.
P.J. Parker & Co.
Helps establish and build Japanese business in telecommunications, networking, wireless, broadband, and high tech for American, Israeli, and European companies.
Proactive International
A business development company with offices in Beaverton, Oregon, USA and Nagano specializing in distribution into the Japanese marketplace.
Rating and Investment Information, Inc.
Gives research and analysis of financial and capital markets and overall business trends, analysis and evaluation of finances, creditworthiness, and asset management.
RIC Design
Offers consulting services as well as planning, design, architecture, and strategic consulting.Based in Yodogawa-ku, Osaka.
Teikoku Databank, Ltd.
Consultancy research firm that offers surveys of companies for banks, securities firms, financial institutions, trading houses, and other large-sized companies.
A strategic consulting and investment firm dedicated to helping information technology companies succeed in Japan.
Washington Core
Strategic consulting services for U.S. high-tech firms conducting business in Japan.
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