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Access Co. Ltd.
Develops computer and telecoms products, including web browsers for telephones and appliances.
Performs IT outsourcing services for network integration, building system infrastructures, consulting, operations and maintenance. Based in Shinjuku, Tokyo.
Alpha Systems
A Tokyo based software developer for telecommunication systems, system operations, system development personnel supply, and integration services.
Asia Air Survey Co., Ltd.
A mapping, survey, engineering and computer systems company based in Shinjuku, Tokyo.
Atlus Co. Ltd.
Maker of arcade games and home videogame software. With Japan headquarters and U.S. office.
Business Associates Co., Ltd.
Offers bilingual accounting-related software, tax and accounting consulting, and computer system development and support.
Capcom Entertainment
Worldwide page for Japanese manufacturer of game software.
Celartem Technology Inc.
Producer of software used in photograph and picture design editing. Based in Osaka.
Chowdhury Software Services Inc.
Offers computer aided chemical engineering software for petrochemical, chemical, pharmaceutical, food and environment industries, and fuel cell development.
Offers computer problem troubleshooting services, including virus recovery and protection, software installation, connection problems, peripheral device trouble, and data recovery.
Cresco, Ltd.
Maker IT networks for finance, communications, and distribution related systems as well as audio equipment and hardware.
Cube System, Inc.
Provides IT systems services, system consulting, database construction and management.
Cybernet Systems Co., Ltd.
Providing a variety of Computer Aided Engineering (CAE)software, covering numerical computation/visualization, structural analysis, optical design, fluid dynamics analysis and EDA to Japanese market. Also offer software development and training.
Daiwabo Information System Co., Ltd.
Distributor of PCs in Japan. With corporate summary and financial information.
Database Communication, Inc.
Distributes and provides support for computer related products, provides database consultation and engineering services, and imports software. Corporate news and research and development information.
Digital Electronics Corporation
Maker of industrial automation equipment including terminals, graphic logic controllers, and computers. Based in Osaka.
Faith, Inc.
Maker of hardware and software for games, computers, and mobile technology. Based in Kyoto.
Forefront Technologies
Tokyo and Osaka based Microsoft Certified Solutions Provider partner offering ISP and IT services and products, and certification testing services.
Active in development, planning and production of network games for Java-compatible mobile phones.
Gateway Computer Japan
Computer hardware maker, as well as offering services in IT outsourcing and system integration.
Hitachi Information Systems, Ltd.
Offers network expertise and integrated IT services.
Hitachi Systems & Services, Ltd.
Specializes in applications related to enterprise resource planning, such as performance management and demand chain management, network security, IT platforms, and knowledge management.
I-O Data Device Inc.
Manufacturer of computer peripherals, monitors, and computer memory.
Image One Co., Ltd.
Sells internet video distribution systems, satellite images, medical image servers and software.
Information Development Co., Ltd.
Active in data input and processing equipment and software, plus network and operations management.
Information Services International - Dentsu, Ltd. (ISID)
Active in computer systems planning, designing and development, integration, hardware selection and procurement, and software.
Intelligent Wave Inc.
Active in software development-customization, system integration, consulting services, and software for e-commerce.
Iriso Electronics Co., Ltd.
Active in production, development, and sales of multiple-pin connectors and pins for electronic equipment.
Provides IT consultation, implementation, operations and maintenance.
Mercantile Computer Shop
Bilingual hardware/software supplier in Osaka.
Open Loop Inc.
Based in Sapporo. Developing IT security, including firewalls, anti-virus software, cryptography, and digital authentication.
Sanwa Supply Inc.
Manufacturer of cables, mice, switches; also desk racks and accessories, cleaners and mouse pads, security filters, carrying and storage cases.
Software company focusing on database management packages.
Toshiba Information Systems (Japan) Corporation
Active in semiconductor system design, development of micro computer systems, software development, network solution business, consulting, outsourcing, information system product sales, system integration and services.
Trend New Technologies Co. Ltd.
Provides full English support on computer sales, repair and web design in Kansai.

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