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AC Outsourcing Japan
Provides professional accounting, payroll, bookkeeping and tax services in Japan for foreign companies and branches. Based in Tokyo.
Exercises In Cross-Cultural Negotiations
Materials to help companies become familiar with difficulties in cross-cultural business negotiations, taken from actual events.
Active in technology and management consulting, systems integration, IT infrastructure management, computing products, software, telecommunications, microelectronics, and other electronic products.
Gunze Limited
Maker of underwear, socks, pajamas, clothes, and thread; plus plastic films, electronic components, plastics, stacker-bundlers, industrial machinery, real estate, sports fitness clubs, greenery business, and medical materials.
Japan Tobacco
Japanese government monopoly corporation for domestic tobacco sales. Also active in pharmaceuticals and food.
Kobe Steel, Ltd.
Metal supplier for iron, steel, copper, aluminum, welding, infrastructure, plant engineering, machinery, electronics, real estate, and advanced materials.
Kokuyo Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer of office products, desks, chairs, printing paper, ink ribbons, and other products used with computers.
Mitani Sangyo Co., Ltd.
With divisions in information systems, product development mechanical and electrical, chemicals, air conditioning systems, construction, investments, and sales.
Mitsubishi Sucks
Tracks Mitsubishi's activities, focusing on workplace discrimination, wartime slave labor, consumer complaints, and environmental issues.
Resona Holdings, Inc.
Holding company for Resona affiliates. Conducts supervision of subsidiaries' operations and other ancillary businesses. With financial and investor information.
Success Stories: Japan Executive Newsletter
An executive-oriented newsletter specifically devoted to helping non-Japanese companies succeed in Japan.
Takara Holdings Inc.
Based in Kyoto. Holding company for firms involved in beverage production, travel, printing, medical supplies, computer systems, food, and liquor.
Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO)
Provides power to Tokyo and surroundings.
Trade Directory Japan
Japanese trading company search engine in both English and Japanese.
U.S.- Japan Links
A collaborative electronic media project of the 35+ Japan-America and Japan Societies across the United States. Job Bank and resources.
Global website for Yamaha Corporation and Yamaha group companies, making musical instruments, electronics, computer equipment, and sporting goods.

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