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Edo Japan
Take a tour through Tokyo during the period of the Tokugawa shoguns, and learn about the history of Japan's greatest city. Illustrated by ukiyo-e images, the text discusses the traditions that underlie Japanese culture.
The Costume Museum - The Rebirth of The Tale of Genji
Kyoto Museum containing Japanese costumes from all eras. Illustrated samples from the Heian period exhibit. Includes a page on The Tale of Genji Museum.
Discover Japanese Sake
Gives the history, process, variety, and brewing of Japan's national alcoholic beverage.
Shows several examples of ceramic art and traditional postcards.
Explore Japan: Japanese Gardens And Culture
Explore Japanese culture, art, crafts, Japanese gardens, Zen gardens, food and lifestyle.
Fine Arts
Overview of history from Stone Age beginnings to contemporary, including painting, sculpture, ukiyo-e, architecture, and gardens.
Short discussion of traditional crafts in the twentieth century.
History of Japanese Incense
Educational webpage on the history and evolution of Japanese incense ceremonies and culture.
Introduction to Japanese Traditional Arts
Theater arts, fine arts and literature, with links.
Japanese Art in the Asia Society Collection
Exhibition of more than 25 objects in the collection. With a QuickTime tour, a more linear progression through the exhibition, and bibliography of Japanese art.
Japanese Artistic Traditions
Discussion of aesthetic concepts, and of the activities of the Department of Cultural Affairs, established in 1968.
Japanese Kimono
Learn about Japanese kimono, fabrics, patterns, kimono robes, yukata, how to wear a kimono, and accessories.
Kagura - The Japanese Ancient Sacred Music
With overview, photos, and Realaudio example of some of Japan's oldest music.
Ogura Hyakunin Isshu; 100 Poems by 100 Poets
Collection of 100 poems in the tanka variety used in Japanese royal courts, compiled from the 7th to the 13th century.
A guide to the history and traditional culture of the Kansai region.
The Secret of Traditional Japanese Ingredient Miso
Background information and history of soybean paste (miso) in Japan, its use as a health food, and recipes using it.
Shinto and Buddhist Corner
A Japanese Buddhism and Shinto art photo dictionary with over 900 photos.
Photographs of traditional construction of Japanese kites, the Tahara.
Traditional Infuences on Contemporary Sculpture
Description of Japanese sculpture from "American Memory" - Historical Collections for the National Digital Library [Japan - a country study].
The Virtual Museum of Japanese Arts
Includes examples and descriptions of several forms of Japanese traditional arts, crafts, and traditions.
Shows patterns and designs of Japanese paper, kimono, fabrics, and cards.

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