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The Guardian: A Railroad to Progress or Just Another Chain to China?
Article by John Gittings examining the extent to which the proposed rail link to China will benefit the Tibetan people, and evaluating the extent of development over the past fifty years.
The Guardian: Claims of Forced Abortions
By John Gittings. Reports that the claims are unsubstantiated, and discusses other social issues.
High Peaks Pure Earth
Commentary on Tibet related news and issues, translations from writings in Tibetan and Chinese posted on blogs from Tibet and China.
International Campaign for Tibet
Information on the organization, its campaign and suggested activities.
Norbulingka Institute
An institute affiliated with the Tibetan government in exile, which promotes traditional Tibetan literary and artistic culture.
Tibet Awareness Site
Pro-independence site with political and general cultural content.
Tibet Charity
Pro-Tibetan humanitarian organisation based in Denmark. Information on projects and how to contribute.
Tibet Foundation
London based organisation disseminating the works of the Dalai Lama, promoting the understanding of Tibetan Buddhism and culture, and helping in the provision of education and healthcare for Tibetans in exile and in Tibet.
Tibet Fund
Aims to preserve the cultural, religious and national identity of the Tibetan people. Information on its health and education programs, and on how to contribute.
Tibet House -- New York City
The official website of Tibet House. A Non-profit organization devoted to the preservation of Tibetan culture.
Tibetan Buddhist Resource Center
Digital archive of classic texts. Includes a searchable database and articles on the literature and the project.
Unique Tibetan Food And Souvenirs for Tourists
Introduction to the country's food and gift products available in Lhasa.
The Vista Project
An organization based in East Tibet that helps the local people alleviate poverty, advance education, and accelerate cultural revitalization.
Worldbridges Tibet
Information on Tibetan culture and the government in exile.

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