Dezhou Prefecture in Shandong Province.
ACNA Razor Wire Factory
Manufacturer of razor wire, concertina coils and flat razor wire mesh sheets.
Aerct Gabiony Factory
Manufacturer of welded gabions, gabion basket, mattress and hexagonal wire netting.
AiJi Chicken Wire Co.
Manufacturer of chicken wire netting, chicken wire, rabbit netting, chicken cage, poultry netting and hexagonal mesh.
Aimlong Baling Wire Factory
Manufacturer of black annealed baling wire, cotton bale wire, loop tie baling wire in the forms of cut wire, coil wire, etc.
Anderil Steel Fence Posts Co.
Manufacturer of steel fence posts for fencing systems, provided in T type, Y type and other designs.
Anfang Wire Processing Factory
Manufacturer of binding wire for construction and daily uses. Materials available are stainless steel, galvanized, annealed and plastic coated.
Anfang Wire Shelving Co
Manufacturer of wire mesh shelving products, chrome wire shelving, stainless steel wire shelves and racks.
Aniteck Wire Netting Co.
Manufacturer of poultry wire mesh, chicken netting, poultry netting fence and other wire netting products.
AoYong Glass Fibre Fabrics Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer of fiberglass mesh, plain and twilled woven, fiberglass portiere, fiberglass fabric for ducting and other glass fibre products.
Atlas Wedge Wire Co.
Manufacturer of wedge wire screen, sieve bend screen, vibrating screen and Johnson screen for mining and industrial uses.
Blatt Perforated Metal Co.
Manufacturer of perforated metal sheet, architectural perforated screen and perforated metal filters.
BoBaily Wire Cage Factory
Manufacturer of animal cages, wire cages for storage, security wire cages and welded wire mesh cages.
Bolhes Test Sieve Co.
China manufacturer of stainless steel wire mesh laboratory test sieves and perforated plate sieves. Also other standard metal sieves and filter screens.
BWG Wire Nails Co.
Manufacturer of common round wire nails, galvanized roofing nails, concrete nails, masonry cut nails, boat nail, collated coil nails, etc.
CarryGreen Security Fence Co.
Manufacturer of pool security fence, security chain link fence, traffic security fence and high security fencing products.
Changjing Wire Drawing Machinery Co.
Manufacturer of pulley type wire drawing machine, wire galvanizing machine and series wire processing machines.
Changling Security Cage Factory
Manufacturer of wire mesh security cage, animal cage, container cage, storage cage and wire shelving cages security units.
China Arshine Ornamental Fences Factory
Manufacturer of steel ornamental fences, aluminum fences, palisade fence and steel picket fences.
China Cnow Common Nail Factory
Manufacturer of common round iron nails, galvanized steel common nails, roofing nails, finishing nails.
China Guoqiang High Tensile Fence Manufacture Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer of galvanized steel high tensile fence, woven wire high tensile fence, also wire mesh deer fences, cattle fencing and horse fencing.
ChunTing Wire Grid Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer of wire grid panels, gridwall panels, slatgrid display units, grid wall baskets, wire grid shelving and various metal grids.
CliClean Well Screen Manufacturing Co.
Manufacturer of stainless steel water well screen, wedge wire filter screen and Johnson screens.
CLIF Chain Link Fence Factory
Manufacturer of chain link fence, pool fencing, safety fencing and other metal fences.
Concreate Welded Wire Reinforcing Co.
China manufacturer of welded wire reinforcing mesh and reinforcing steel products for concrete construction, mainly reinforcement rebar cages, reinforcing steel fiber, PC strand, rebar support and tie wire.
Createch Filter Element Co.
Manufactures pleated filter elements, cylinder filter, candle filter, panel filters and wire cloth strainers.
Dafa Guard Rail Barrier Factory
Manufacturer of highway guard rails, guardrail barriers, galvanized and steel guard railings.
Deerway Checker Plate Factory
Manufacturer of steel and aluminum chequered plate, tread plate, diamond plate and various perforated and embossed metal sheets.
Defirst Debris Netting Inc.
Manufacturer of high densitily debris mesh netting and scaffold netting used for construction safety and fall protection.
DeGreen Turf Mesh Co.
Manufacturer of extruded flat plastic turf reinforcement mesh, ground reinforcing mesh or net, also grass protection mesh mat.
DeKeZhe Wire Baskets Co.
Manufacturer of wire mesh baskets, mobile wire basket and carts.
DeLian High Tensile Wire Manufacture Co.
Manufacturer of high tensile steel wire, high carbon steel wire, high tensile spring wire, hose wire.
DeLing Mist Eliminator Pads Co.
Manufacturer of stainless steel mist eliminator, various knitted wire mesh demister pad and filters.
DeMMeng Tubular Fencing Co.
Manufacturer of steel tubular bow top fencing panels, railing and gates. Galvanized steel, pvc coated or wrought iron fence materials. Roll top, looped top and other designs.
Deping Gaviones Manufacturing Co.
Manufacturer of welded gabions, galvanized gabion mattress, gabions baskets, channel lining gabions, gabion wire mesh and gabion wall.
Deploye Expanded Metal Co.
Manufactures expanded metal mesh, gratings and fencing, also decorative expanded metal sheet.
DeShiQuan Concrete Nails Co.
Manufacturer of galvanized steel concrete nails, black concrete nails, concrete anchors and common round nails.
Detitan Shale Shaker Screen Manufactuing Co.
Manufacturer of shale shaker screen, derrick shale shaker screen, hook strip screen and replacement screen for all types of shale shakers.
Deyoma Wire Decking Factory
Manufacturer of wire mesh decking, wire rack decks, wire deck partition and wire railings, made of chrome plated steel wire and other metal materials.
Dezhou Hongqiao Dye Chemical Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer of dyes, pigments, intermediates, printing and dyeing auxiliary series.
Dezhou Hualude Hardware Products Co., Ltd.
Construction hardware producer offering nails, iron wire, wire netting, garden hardware, rigging hardware, stainless steel pipes. Company profile with video and product descriptions with images.
Diamond Tread Plate Factory
Manufacturer of checkered tread plate and embossed tread plate, also perforated metal tread plates made of aluminum, steel and other metal materials.
Dongdu Safety Fence Co.
Manufacturer of orange safety fence, safety fence barrier, plastic safety fence and safety netting.
Dongfang Fence Post Co.
Manufactures steel fence post, plastic coated fence post and fencing posts of USA type, Australia Y type and Euro type.
Emmay Crimped Wire Mesh Co.
Manufacturer of pre-crimped wire mesh, stainless steel crimped mesh, galvanized steel crimp wire cloth, also crimped wire mesh machine.
FeiYaDe Fiberglass Mesh Factory
Manufacturer of fiberglass mesh, fabrics, tapes, coated alkaline resistant (AR) fiberglass mesh and fiber glass geogrid fabrics.
Firstlin Galvanized Iron Wire Factory
Manufacturer of hot dipped zinc plated galvanized iron wire, electro galvanized wire, galvanized wire mesh and netting.
FliTo Mild Steel Mesh Co.
Manufacturer of mild steel mesh and various metal mesh. Galvanized woven square wire mesh, welded mesh, expanded metal, steel wire and netting products.
Frishine Temporary Fence Co.
Manufacturer of security temporary fence, temporary fence panels, crowd control barrier fence as well as other wire fencing products.
Gabbioni Wire Netting Factory
Manufacturer of bird netting, stucco netting, gabion netting, poultry wire netting, chicken wire netting and hexagonal netting products.
Golden Knitted Wire Mesh Factory
Manufacturer of knitted wire mesh and knitted wire processed filter, muffler, breathers and demister pad.
Greenden Florist Wire Factory
Manufacturer of painted green floral wire, floral stem wire, paddle wire and enamel coated florist wire.
GuCheng Fiberglass Mesh Factory
Manufacturer of fiberglass mesh and screen, coated glass fiber mesh, fiberglass sunshade, pet mesh.
HanTay Mobile Fence Manufacture Co.
Manufacturer of temporary mobile fences, expandable mobile fence barrier, galvanized or plastic coated, also portable safety fences and barriers.
Harde Steel Fiber Co.
Manufacturer of stainless steel fiber and galvanized steel fiber, in the form of straight, indentation and hooked ends.
Heights Wire Belt Co.
Manufacturer of wire conveyor belt, mesh belt, baking belt and spiral wire belting.
Hengda Perforated Metal Factory
Manufacturer of perforated tubes, metal sheets, perforated screen panels, perforated filters.
HengMi Expanded Metal Mesh Co.
Manufacturer of expanded metal mesh, panels, screen and fencing products, also industrial expanded metal gratings. Mainly luminum or carbon steel.
Hex Chicken Wire Co.
Manufacturer of chicken wire fence, poultry netting and chicken mesh.
Hexi Wrought Iron Fence Co.
Manufacturer of wrought iron picket fences, decorative fence and other wrought iron fencing products.
HuaHai Hardware Cloth Factory
Manufacturer of galvanized mesh hardware cloth, welded wire mesh, black vinyl coated hardware cloth and various filter wire mesh cloth in stainless steel, mild steel and other metals.
HuaLan High Tensile Fences Co.
Manufacturer of high tensile fixed knot fence, also hinge joint woven wire mesh fences, field fences, used for cattle, horse and deer fencing, available in aluminum, electro galvanized and other metal materials.
Huatong Wall Spikes Co.
Manufacturer of stainless steel wall spikes, wall spike fences, security spikes and toppings.
JinDing Reinforcing Steel Bar Manufacture Co.
Manufacturer of reinforcing steel bar, steel bar for concrete reinforcement, deformed steel bar, channel steel bar beam, steel bar supports and steel bar welding machine.
Jinke Plastic Netting Factory
Manufacturer of knitted plastic netting and extruded plastic mesh products covering plastic bird netting, windbreak netting, scaffold netting, plastic mesh fence, geogrid, etc.
Juyi Aluminum Mesh Co.
Manufacturer of aluminum wire mesh, aluminum wire, aluminum mesh screen and various products made of aluminum wire.
Karola Aluminum Checker Plate Co
Manufacturer of aluminum checkered plate, steel checker plate, tread plate and flooring.
KDY Concertina Razor Wire Factory
Manufacturer of concertina coils, razor wire and razor barbed wire.
Kingde Bar Grating Corp.
Manufacturer of welded bar grating, steel bar grating, aluminum grating and other industrial gratings.
Kinwey PC Wire Factory
Manufacturer of pre-stressed concrete steel wire, pc steel strand wire, high tensile pc strand and series steel materials for construction.
KunLun Concrete Reinforcing Mesh Co.
Manufacturer of concrete reinforcing steel bar welded mesh, slab mesh, truss-mesh reinforcement, ladder mesh masonry reinforcement and reinforcing steel bar.
Lamina Perforated Sheet Factory
Manufacturer of perforated sheets in stainless steel, carbon steel and aluminum. Also perforated metal screen and perforated mesh panels.
LanXinHai Chain Link Fence Machine Factory
Manufacturer of semi automatic and fully automatic chain link fence machines, for making of various chain link fencing products.
Lemore Oval Wire Co.
Manufacturer of galvanized steel oval wire, oval wire nails, fencing wire, piano wire, stitching wire and other wire products.
Lionet Cable Trays Co.
Manufacturer of welded-structure wire mesh cable trays and basket trays, perforated metal cable trays, channel trays and ladder trays for cable line system protection.
LuoJia Wire Hanger Manufacturing Co.
Manufacturer of chrome plated wire hanger, galvanized wire hanger, also wire for making hangers and wire hanger machines.
Mallas (China) Wire Mesh Manufacturing Co.
Manufacturer of industrial wire mesh, wire cloth, wire mesh screen, wire partition, shelving and other wire products.
Maytling Wire Shelving Co.
Manufacturer of wire mesh shelving for display,storage wire shelving, chrome wire shelves and black powder coated mesh shelving panels. Light and heavy duty available.
Mic Test Sieves Co.
Manufacturer of wire mesh test sieves, stainless steel fine cloth test sieves, coarse test sieves, standard sieves.
Minshide Coated Mesh Factory
Manufacturer of pvc coated wire, plastic coated mesh and fences.
MoGao Hydraulic Hose Manufacturing Co.
Manufacturer of steel wire braided hydraulic hose, high pressure hydraulic hose,other industrial rubber hoses and fittings.
Orange Plastic Snow Fence Factory
Manufacturer of plastic mesh snow fence, oranged snow barrier, plastic temporary fence panels, deer control fencing and other plastic netting products.
Pertter Polyester Mesh Fabric Co.
Manufacturer of polyester mesh printing screen, polyester mesh fabric, polyester bolting cloth, etc.
Plantlive Plant Support Co.
Manufacturer of tomato plant support, spiral type plant support, plant support containers and cages.
Puma Barbed Tape Co.
Manufacturer of barbed wire, barbed tape, razor wire and concertina wire coils.
Pusheng Steel Fencing Industrial Co.
Manufacturer of steel fencing and steel fencing panels, also various wire mesh fencing products.
Qindelin Steel Grating Engineering Corporation
Manufacturer of galvanized steel grating, stainless steel grating, press-locked bar grating, welded bar grating, also aluminum grating tread plate and fiberglass gratings.
Reya Angle Steel Co.
Manufacturer of angle steel bars, also groove steel and channel steel, in Japan, USA and other standards.
RFS Fiberglass Tape Co.
Manufacturer of fiberglass mesh tape, self adhesive fiberglass tape, drywall fiberglass tape.
Rofirm Gabions & Mattresses Co.
Manufacturer of river gabion mattress, gabion mats, gabion baskets, cages and boxes.
Ruchang Wire Mesh Partitions Factory
Manufacturer of woven wire partitions, security partitions, stainless steel wire partitions, chain link partitions and welded wire mesh partitions.
RuiGong Animal Cages Manufacture Co.
Manufacturer of large animal cages, dog cages, pet cages, wire mesh cages, and live animal traps.
Schanskorven Gabion Baskets Co.
Manufacturer of gabion box and baskets, welded gabions and woven wire gabion.
SciSe Highway Barriers Co.
Manufacturer of hot dipped galvanized steel guard rails, thrie beam guardrails, w beam guardrails, cable barriers, sound barriers and various highway fencing products.
ShareYue Fiberglass Products Co.
Manufacturer of vinyl coated fiberglass mesh, fiberglass solar screen, Euro style portiere, fiberglass tape and fiberglass geogrid.
ShiYong Welded Gabions Co.
Manufacturer of welded wire gabions, woven wire mesh gabions, hexagonal opening gabions mesh, boxes, cages and rockfall netting.
Shuangsheng Angle Bead Co.
Manufacturer of angle bead, corner bead and plaster beads made of expanded metal or other materials.
Shuke Metal Conveyor Belt Manufacturing Inc.
Manufacturer of metal belting, woven wire conveyor belt, flat wire conveyor belt and reinforced mesh belts.
Sinoray Spring Wire Co.
Manufacturer of spring wire, stainless steel spring wire and carbon steel spring wire, for making of spring, mattress and other uses.
Starsh Swimming Pool Fence Manufacturing Co.
Manufacturer of swimming pool fencing, safety pool fences and ornamental pool fencing panels.
Streckgitter Expanded Metal Sheet Factory
Manufacturer of expanded metal sheet, expanded metal security fencing, expanded carbon steel and decorative expanded metals.
SunMing Prestressed Concrete Strand Factory
Manufacturer of pc strand, low relaxation prestressed steel strand, unbonded pc strand and pc wire, etc.
Tangdu Fence Post Anchor Co.
Manufacturer of concrete post anchors, concrete pole anchors, various metal post achors and fence posts.
Tao Lin Stainless Steel Wire Scrubber Co.
Manufacturer of stainless steel scrubber, scrubbing pads, scourers and machines for making of steel scrubbers.
Taoran Tuff Mesh Co.
Manufacturer of aluminum tuff mesh, black coated tuff mesh, epoxy coated tuff mesh and pet resistant mesh.
Tatall Welded Wire Products Factory
Manufacturer of welded wire mesh panels and rolls, welded wire construction mesh, welded wire fence and other welded wire products.
Tedray Roofing Nails Co.
Manufacturer of galvanized roofing nails, hot dipped steel roofing nails and stainless steel coil roofing nails.
Telas Wire Cloth Co.
Manufacturer of stainless steel wire cloth, filter wire cloth and other woven wire mesh fabrics.
Tigsure Welding Wire Factory
Manufacturer of aluminum welding wire, copper coated steel welding wire, stainless steel welding wire, nickel and nickel alloy welding wire and electric welders.
Tripline Palisade Fence Co.
Manufacturer of steel palisade fence, security palisade and plastic coated palisade fencing.
Truji Architectural Mesh Co.
Manufacturer of architectural wire mesh including metal mesh curtains and drapery, wall cladding and facade decorative screen. Stainless steel, brass, aluminum and etc.
Victall Perforated Tubing Co.
Manufacturer of perforated tubes and pipes, slotted liners, perforated metal filter screen, spiral welded tubes for water well sand control screen.
Wangzu Shade Netting Co.
Manufacturer of plastic woven shade netting and knitted shade mesh netting.
Wanxin Wire Trolleys Co.
Manufacturer of wire shopping trolley, wire shelving trolley, basket trolley and chrome plated wire trolleys.
Wetter Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Factory
Manufacturer of stainless steel wire mesh and wire cloth in Plain, Twill and Dutch weave, also wire mesh screen and filters.
Xia Wei Rui Profile Wire Screen Co.
Manufacturer of stainless steel profile wire screens and sieve panels, wedge wire filter elements and welded profile wire cylinders.
Xianghua Insect Screen Co.
Manufacturer of window insect screen, fiberglass screen, aluminum insect screen, stainless steel mesh screen against flies.
Xiaoye Wire Mesh Container Factory
Manufacturer of collapsible wire containers, welded wire containers and other wire mesh fabricated products.
XiaoYong Welded Mesh Co.
Manufacturer of steel welded mesh, welded mesh panels, welded wire fences and various welded steel wire products including shelvings, containers and railings.
Xingde High Security Fence Co.
Manufacturer of various security fencing, mainly high security fence, palisade security fence, wire fencing, barbed wire fence and other accessories.
Xingsheng Wire Racks Co.
Manufacturer of metal racks, wire rack decking, wire rack shelving and variour wire mesh racks for kitchen and other uses.
Yingluo Architectural Mesh Co.
Manufacturer of architectural mesh and decorative wire mesh for architecture and constructions. Including perforated metal screen and wire mesh fabrics.
Yudemei Chain Link Fencing Factory
Manufacturer of chain link mesh for sports fences, temporary chain link fencing and other wire fences, in stainless steel, galvanized steel and PVC coating.
Zhihuan 3D Panel Machine Co.
Manufacturer of 3d panel machine and welded wire mesh panel production line.
Zhonghua Palisade Fencing Manufacture Co.
Manufacturer of steel palisade, security palisade fence, perimeter palisade fence, palisade gates.
ZhongXin Slotted Screen Engineering Co.
Manufacturer of slotted liner well screen, casing tube, bridge slot screen, sand control screen, welded spiral pipe and other industrial screening products.
Zhongzheng Security Mesh & Fencing Co.
Manufacturer of security mesh welded, perforated security screen and high security fencing system with razor wire or barbed wire toppings.

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