Regional Asia Azerbaijan Government Governmental Bodies and Structures
The Constitutional Court of Azerbaijan Republic
Information about the Court, its judicial decisions and relevant legal documents. Brief information about the Judges, the court's organizational structure, archive and contacts.
Auction Center for Organizing Auctions under the State Committee
Provides information on legislation, structure and appeals.
AzerTac State Information Agency (Azertag)
Official news from the Azerbaijan Government. [English, Russian]
The Commission on Combating Corruption of the Republic of Azerbaijan
Official government commission addressing corruption and its adverse effect on nation building.
Judicial system of the Republic of Azerbaijan
About the court system in Azerbaijan, justices, judges, and legal news.
Ministry of Communications and Information Technologies of the Republic of Azerbaijan
Provides information on telecommunications industry in the country.
Ministry of Culture and Tourism
Includes description of the ministry's structure and some information about the Azerbaijan culture and arts.
Ministry of Economic Development
Information and latest news from the ministry, including privatization process and investment possibilities in Azerbaijan, ongoing and expected auctions and tenders. [Azeri, English, and Russian]
Ministry of Education of Azerbaijan Republic
Information about the ministry, as well as about the educational issues and projects in Azerbaijan.
Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources of the Republic of Azerbaijan
About wildlife, fish, land and water management. Provides links to minister's message and news releases.
Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Azerbaijan
Information on public finances and the economy.
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan
News and information about the ministry including diplomatic missions and contact details for international organizations.
Ministry of Internal Affairs
Information about the ministry.
Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Azerbaijan
Information about the ministry, constitutional affairs and judicial system of the country.
Ministry of Taxes
Information about and news from the ministry, tax regulations and statistics. Available in Azeri, English and Russian.
Ministry of Youth, Sport and Tourism
Official web-site containing a variety of information related to youth policies, situation with sport and tourism in Azerbaijan.
The National Depository System of the Republic Azerbaijan
Information about the government agency, certifications and services in the finance sector.
National Television and Radio Council of the Republic of Azerbaijan
Information about an organization sphere of television and radio broadcasting.
Official Internet Resource of the Government Organizations
Azerbaijani government agency websites and links.
The office aims to protect human rights and freedoms in the Azerbaijan Republic. Biography of the Ombudsman, legal background, reports and news, legal background, reports and news.
President of the Republic of Azerbaijan
Includes source of official information about the country's economy and policy.
Republic of Azerbaijan State Maritime Administration
Provides information about the organization and responsibilities under international conventions and maritime safety.
State Agency on procurement of Azerbaijan Republic
Seminars and training and courses for specialists involved in public procurement. Provides articles published with respect to international and local experience.
State Commission on Prisoners of War (POW), Hostages and Missing Citizens
Legal documents, photos and information about war in Nagorny Karabakh as well surrounding region of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Information is provided in several languages.
State Committee of for management of State Property of Azerbaijan Republic
Administers auctions, privatizations, revenues management. Provides links with press releases and regulations.
State Customs Committee of Azerbaijan Republic
Information and news about the Committee, its structure and customs tariff policy. Available in English and Russian.
State Social Protection Fund (SSPF) of the Republic of Azerbaijan
Information regarding legislation, pension, contacts and insurance for citizens of Azerbaijan.
State Statistical Committee of Azerbaijan Republic
Information about the Committee and official statistics about a variety of issues in Azerbaijan.
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