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Aarhus Centers
Centers improve awareness among the public and governmental authorities by disseminating environmental information and carrying out numerous educational and training projects relevant to the implementation of the Aarhus convention.
Independent think tank.
Aquaponics farm
A pilot project that serves as a communication and education tool.
Armenian Atlantic Association
An organization that aims to foster Armenia’s links with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and promote better understanding within Armenia of NATO’s mission and activities.
Armenian International Policy Research Group
An association that researches and encourages the discussion of public policy issues in Armenia and the diaspora.
Armenian Red Cross Society
Information on the history of the Red Cross, its mission and activities.
Armenian Relief Society
Serves the social and educational needs of Armenian communities, provides emergency relief and healthcare services. Features purposes, history, structure, activities, local and regional projects, news and press releases.
Armenian Volunteer Corps
Provides individuals in the Diaspora the opportunity to volunteer for short or long-term service in the homeland. Features mission statement, program outline, job opportunities, an application form, and stories.
Center for Humanitarian Demining and Expertise
Aim of the organization is to conduct demining activities, identify and remove the placed but unexploded mines.
Civic Development and Partnership Foundation
Organization's mission is to foster development of civil society of Armenia through strengthening institutional capacities of non-profit organizations.
Civil Consciousness
An organization whose goal is to promote civil society and democracy.
Compass Center
A research, training and consultancy center aimed to efficiently develop social, economical, public, political, and other areas through provision of research, education and counseling services.
Corporate Governance Center
An organization whose mission is the promotion of international progressive practices and principles of corporate governance.
Cross of Armenian Unity
A charitable cultural organization that provides social initiatives and care and support for orphans.
DePo Portal
Fosters sustainable civil society development.
Eiva Arts Foundation
Foundation is aimed at promoting the protection of human rights and raising the awareness of the current social issues through the medium of contemporary art and visual media.
Eurasia Partnership Foundation
Foundation's mission is to empower people to effect change for social justice and economic prosperity through hands-on programs, helping them to improve their communities and their own lives.
Foundation Against the Violation of Law
An organization working to promote and protect fundamental human rights and freedoms.
Freedom of Information Center
Center's main task is to defend people's constitutional right to have access to information.
French Armenian Development Foundation
About the foundation, media corner, funding opportunities, partners, and vacancies.
Fund for Armenian Relief
Features information about projects and news.
The Future is Yours
Charitable social non-governmental organization. Project
Presents statistics on the freedom of information situation in Armenia.
Global Developments Fund
Supports the reform and development process of vocational education. Includes a list of projects and publications.
Green Lane
An organization aimed at improving the agriculture.
Harmony Fund
A fund promoting development and application of information and telecommunication technologies.
Houso Aygi
An organization that helps young women, orphans or from single parent families, to face professional and social challenges.
Hrayr Maroukhian Foundation
A social democratic think tank whose aim is to encourage public debate and promote equality, freedom and democracy.
Voluntary service of Armenia – republican headquarters of student brigades.
I Volunteer
Provides information about volunteers and volunteerism, as well as opportunities that exist to become involved as a volunteer.
Information Disputes Council
Objective of the council is to protect the freedom of speech, information availability, as well as to protect human dignity and the right of personal life.
International Center for Agribusiness Research and Education
Offers undergraduate and graduate programs for preparing students to assume leadership roles in food and agribusiness and other related industries.
International Center for Human Development
Public policy think-tank promoting democratic and liberal market values. Includes information on publications, projects, partners and events.
It’s Your Choice
Organization's mission is to support democratic processes, formation of the civic society, local government system and transparency of electoral processes.
Jinishian Memorial Foundation
A charitable organization striving to enable Armenians in need to move from poverty and despair to self-sufficiency and hope through relief, development and spiritual uplift.
A social venture incubator; a space for identifying social challenges, testing ideas and nurturing ventures.
Media Center Organization
The main mission of the organization is to facilitate dialogue, discussion and debates between civic groups experts, politicians and media and to establish a culture of debates.
Mission Armenia
A charity organization providing help for the elderly, refugee and other vulnerable layers of the population.
Mousaler Anjar
A site that describes the history of Mousa Dagh resistance and offers news to the communities of the descendants from Mousaler and Anjar.
NGO Center
The center strengthens the organizational and institutional capacities of civil society entities and promotes their increased profile.
An organization that uses crowdfunding to fund various community projects.
Open Government Partnership
An international initiative that aims to secure concrete commitments from governments to their citizenry to promote transparency, empower citizens, fight corruption, and harness new technologies to strengthen governance.
Open Society Foundations
Established to assist democratic transformations. Includes annual reports, forms, information on programs, and list of grantees.
Organization's mission is to divert children from the streets and engage them in academic, cultural, and extra-curricular activities.
Partnership and Teaching
The mission of the organization is education and partnership for the sake of the civil society development.
Partnership for Open Society
A coalition of independent and influential NGOs, donors, and international agencies in Armenia and Diaspora which serves to promote and safeguard the democratic reform process in Armenia.
Peace Dialogue
Works to stimulate respectful dialogue between societies of conflicting parties, with a long-term goal of contributing to a peaceful resolution and prevention of conflicts.
Protection of Rights Without Borders
An organization of human rights and legal professionals, which is engaged in monitoring, advocacy, awareness raising and strategic litigation.
Public Monitoring Group
Group monitors the protection of rights of the inmates and persons under the oversight of penitentiary bodies.
Repair the Future
Intercultural dialogue project between the civil societies of Turkey, Armenia and the Armenian Diaspora.
Round Table Foundation
An ecumenical organization which works to actively contribute to the poverty eradication, sustainable community development, active involvement of the church in the social work, and overall development of civil society.
Safe Soldiers for a Safe Armenia
An initiative aimed at preventing human rights violations in the armed forces.
Scientific and Educational Center for National Development
Includes mission statement, information about current and past projects.
Sevak Association
A non-profit organization with a goal of strengthening socio-cultural exchanges between Europe and Armenia in sustainable development.
Society Without Violence
The vision of the organization is to have well-educated and developed young people for the formation of open, civil society without violence.
Transparency International
Mission: to promote good governance through reducing corruption and strengthening democracy.
Information on projects and reforms that the organization is involved in.
A NGO providing psychological and legal assistance to people in most unfavorable conditions, including orphans, refugees, disabled, and homeless individuals. Mission statement, news, archive and information on Paros Chamber Choir.
Urban Foundation for Sustainable Development
Spin-off of the Urban Institute (Washington D.C.) team. The site has links to the organization’s activity areas, projects, services, and networks.
An institution which focuses on the democratization of man-made environment development process by advocating the community involvement.
World Vision Armenia
Armenian branch of World Vision International, a Christian relief and development organization. Offers country overview, information on projects by region and latest news.
A youth focused community based organization promoting positive social change through education, advocacy and direct service delivery that develop healthy spirit, mind and body.
Youth Initiative Centre
Assists in the development of the civic activism of the youth through promoting youth initiatives and active participation.

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