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BBC News | Is Mugabe's Strategy Working?
Joseph Winter in Harare looks at the issue of land reform in Zimbabwe and whether President Robert Mugabe's policy is working.
BBC News | Mbeki Speech
South African President Thabo Mbeki calls for a peaceful solution to the violent dispute in Zimbabwe over land reform.
BBC News | Mugabe's Anniversary Speech
President Mugabe said his government is determined to settle the issue of land reform in Zimbabwe "once and for all".
BBC News | Points of View: Occupying Farms
A war veteran and a farmer put their cases over the occupation of Zimbabwe's white-owned commercial farms.
BBC News | Who Owns the Land?
Land reform is one of the key issues behind Zimbabwe's current unrest and has its roots deep in colonial history.
Guardian Unlimited | Century's Fight to Recover Land
Land has been one of the most controversial issues in Zimbabwe for the past 100 years. The war to end white-ruled Rhodesia was fought largely over land. Robert Mugabe's guerrilla fighters, and the peasants who supported them, battled to regain the land seized from them by British colonists.
Guardian Unlimited | Could South Africa be Next?
Liz McGregor analyses crucial differences which mean the current land dispute in Zimbabwe is unlikely to be replicated in its southern neighbour.
Guardian Unlimited | Farming Today
More than 100 years since Zimbabwe was seized, white landowners face a bit of stick.
Guardian Unlimited | On the Front Line in Land War
The squatters on Zimbabwe's tobacco farms show the country's big gulf is between Mugabe's supporters and the rest.
Guardian Unlimited | Slow Death of Black Farmer's Dream
A slow death for the resettlement dream.
Human Rights Watch - Fast Track Land Reform In Zimbabwe
Briefing document in 7 chapters, March 2002.
Land Battle Sets Black against White
Redistribution of land in Zimbabwe has been on the cards for nearly two decades, but some white landowners believe the government is exploiting it for political reasons.
News Unlimited | Black Peasants have Waited for 110 years, says White Minister
It is simplistic to say that Zimbabwe's land crisis has divided the country completely along racial lines. Dr Timothy Stamps is white, Welsh, and the Minister of Health.
The Seattle Times: Zimbabwe Farm Battles Go Deeper than Politics
Brief article on the history of Zimbabwe and on land disputes among native Ndebele tribes in the region.
Who Owns the Land?
BBC presentation on the background of the land struggle.
Salon News | Land War in Zimbabwe
Angry and impoverished blacks say they are taking back the farms whites stole in the first place. But are they fighting the wrong enemy? (May 01, 2000)
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