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South African Government Information
Official entry point to South African government provides news and information along with background material about the land, its people and history. Includes government structures, functions, leaders, programme of action, speeches and statements, tenders, legislation and documents.
African Elections Database - South Africa
Information on national elections includes country's political profile and full historical results.
Statutory body, established by the Minister of Labour, to support and grow the level of current and future skills needed in the banking sector.
CIA - Chiefs of State and Cabinet Members of Foreign Governments: South Africa
List of government officials and their titles, updated weekly. Also includes the head of the central bank, ambassadors to the United States and Permanent Representatives to the UN, New York.
Constitution of the Republic of South Africa
Constitution and amendments in several languages.
The Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB)
Established by Parliament as a statutory body to stimulate sustainable growth, reform and improvement of the construction sector.
Department of Arts, Culture, Science and Technology
Official Web site of the Department.
Department of Defence
Links to the Ministry of Defence, Defence Secretariat and SA National Defence Force.
Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism
Index page of the South African government Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism.
Department of Foreign Affairs
Details information on foreign policy, Missions and Foreign Affairs news of the South African Government.
Department of Justice and Constitutional Development
This is the home page of the official web site for the Department of Justice and Constitutional Development of South Africa
Department of Labour
Official site with labour legislation, policy documents, and news.
Department of Public Enterprises
The official web site for the Ministry of Public Enterprises of South Africa
Department of Public Service and Administration
Department covers issues dealing with the civil service and running of Government.
Department of Public Works
Includes link to the Targeted Procurement Home Page
Department of Transport
Official web site for the South African Department of Transport
Department of Water Affairs and Forestry
Department of Water Affairs and Forestry - South Africa
Development Co-operation Information System
Aims at providing information about Official Development Assistance (ODA) to South Africa. The information is intended for ODA management professionals, stakeholders, other interested parties and the general public.
SETA for Finance, Accounting, Management Consulting and other Financial Services.
Government Communication and Information System
A communication system on behalf of government to facilitate optimum involvement of the majority of South Africans in the entire process of reconstruction and development, nation-building and reconciliation.
ICL - South Africa Index
Complete copies and links to the country's Constitution, along with related background, history and events.
Insurance sector education and training authority, established in terms of the Skills Development Act.
Parliament of South Africa
Provides information on developments at the Parliament of the Republic of South Africa for the purpose of facilitating public participation in parliamentary legislative processes. Also contains information about the parliamentary process in South Africa and the information that an informed citizenry needs.
Parliamentary Monitoring Group
Monitors the committees of the Parliament of South Africa: provides reports on what is discussed plus documents handed out at meetings
Republic of South Africa 1994 and 1999 General Elections
Detailed results of South Africa's first and second one-person, one-vote 1994 and 1999 elections.
Road Accident Fund
Public entity which compensates people injured in road accidents in South Africa.
SARS (South African Revenue Service)
Official Website of the South African Revenue Service
South African Civil Aviation Authority
Official web site for the South African Civil Aviation Authority
South African Government Information
A record of South African legislation and policy documents.
South African Government Services
Provides a single source of information on South African government services according to citizen needs, including services for citizens, for organisations and business, and for citizens from other countries.
South African Reserve Bank
The official Web site of the independent central bank of South Africa.
Statistics South Africa
Statistical releases from the South African Government
US Law Library of Congress - South Africa
Annotated compendium of online sources providing access to primary documents, legal commentary and general government information about specific jurisdictions and topics.
Wholesale and Retail SETA- Established in terms of the Skills Development Act of South Africa.
Wikipedia - Thabo Mbeki
Hyperlinked encyclopedia article about the President of the Republic of South Africa.
World Legal Information Institute - South Africa
Catalog and search facilities for over 500 databases from 55 countries including case-law, legislation, treaties, law reform reports, law journals, and other materials.
World Statesmen - South Africa
Review of the country's history, politics, leaders and international organizations and treaties. Includes map, constitution, national anthem and pictures of historical flags.

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