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Agrimark Trends
Specialises in the analysis and forecasting of Southern African agricultural industry and market information.
Assists farmers in meeting regulation standards for pesticide levels through field testing, crop analysis, monitoring and filling out registration dossiers. Page includes list of services. Located in White River.
Supplies agricultural crop protection pesticides insecticides fungicides to South Africa agriculture.
BKB Limited
South African wool and mohair auctions.
BTC Products
Focuses primarily on stabilised chlorine dioxide and its applications into the agricultural market as a disinfectant.
Citrus Academy
Aims to create an enabling environment for skills development and capacity building in the citrus industry.
Compost Matters
A private company sells composting equipment and building services in African and Australia. Located in the city of Tzaneen.
Manufacturer of organic fertilizers, concrete paving and stepping stones and supplier of horticultural products and landscaping aids.
Dryers for Africa
Designs and manufactures agricultural dryers and processing equipment.
Falcon Agricultural Equipment
Agricultural machinery manufacturer and distributor in South Africa specialising in different models of rotary cutter for grass and hay.
Finest Kind
Supplies milk processing ingredients and equipment for the production of all dairy products in South Africa.
Vegetation restoration, soil stabilisation and erosion control.
Pesticides, herbicides and fungicides for both the local and foreign agricultural markets.
Le Roux Group
Produces and exports table grapes, plums and citrus to worldwide destinations.
Leaders in the growth of global harvest from seed technology to harvested crops.
Munda Wanga
Wholesale supplier of seedlings and bedding plants.
Organic Farm & Garden Supplies
Organic products for soil, plants, animals and general humus formation and improvement.
Premier Seeds
Vegetable seed suppliers offering standard hybrid and open pollinated products.
Rooibos Limited
Rooibos Tea the Nectar of Nature. A unique beverage from the Western Cape, South Africa.
Senwes Group
Conducts various activities in the South African grain, retail, mechanisation and agro-industries.
South African Mango Growers Association
The official site with information, nutrition, recipes, promotions, and contacts.
South African Pecan Producers Association
Voluntary membership organisation serving everyone with an interest in the growing, use and marketing of pecan nuts.
South African Sugar Association
Promotes the agricultural activities of sugarcane cultivation in conjunction with the industrial production of molasses, raw and refined sugar.
Strasser Hoofcare
Holistic horse hoof rehabilitation.
Tony Turner Agencies
Agricultural and irrigation supplies in and around Pietersburg, Northern Province.
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