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Aphorist's Corner Weekly
Collection of aphorisms and brief observations by Igor D. Radovic.
Guide to Philosophy on the Internet: Quotations
An overview of websites providing quotes from certain philosophers and philosophic themes. Not updated since 2003.
Instant Wisdom
Collection of proverbs, quotes, stories and jokes sorted by topics.
Pearls of Wisdom
Collection dedicated to the magic and power of wise words, including Buddhist and native American quotes and insights.
Quotations Used In The WMail Philosophy Newsletter
Thought-provoking quotations used in the free monthly WMail philosophy newsletter.
Rein's Ruminations
A collection of original aphorisms by Rein Nomm.
The Spirit of Gardening
Over 2,000 quotes for lovers of the Green Way.
Words of wisdom.
Tom's Quotations Page
Famous and meaningful quotes categorized in advice, facts of life, theories about life, wise words and wise proverbs.
Value Quotes
Famous quotes on value, values, virtues, business ethics and corporate responsibility. From Socrates to George Bush.
What If Not
Quotations from artists, writers, political figures, and others. Often provides the aphorism in several languages.
Wisdom 101
A small collection of words of wisdom from some of the greatest minds. Inspirational and motivational.
Wisdom of the Ages
Collection of quotations by Sheldon Kopp illustrated by a photographic essay.
Wisdom Quotes
Quotations for a variety of occasions: shed light, help keep perspective, inspire, energize, or just provoke thought. Sorted by topic.
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